Gov Criminal Acts Busted

PUBLISHED: 10:02 PM 8 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 10:03 PM 8 Oct 2018

Oregon Governor Busted By Undercover Video

When her former campaign manager got stung by James O’Keefe, the only thing Gov. Kate Brown could think of was to call the source unreliable. The Governor suggests Veritas is the source but they only supplied the camera. The ‘source’ is Michael Kolenc.

The big question everybody’s asking is whether or not Governor Brown knew about the possible violations of campaign law. According to Kolenc, Brown, “had to have known.”

Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s Facebook page is claiming that the liberal administrator’s former campaign manager is “not a credible source,” following an undercover video released by Project Veritas Action Fund, exposing alleged graft and corruption in her office. Michael Kolenc ran Brown’s campaign in 2016, and claimed criminal acts against her.

Conservative Daily Post asked the Governor’s staff to confirm that ‘unofficial comments’ on the Facebook page asserting that her former campaign manager is “not a reliable source” is the only defense the Governor is offering, to the allegations which could cost her the election or her freedom. There was no response at first, but they finally added that they ‘couldn’t respond.’

Kolenc was captured on tape candidly discussing his relationship with the Governor’s office. The first potential violation of state law he mentioned was focused on the “direction and use of government personnel,” as reported by Veritas.

When he was running Brown’s campaign, government employees were improperly campaigning, he admits. “Well, yeah, the government side can’t direct the campaign side, which is what was happening.” He added, “the chief of staff is the one who got me fired.”

“There are limitations,” he noted, “on government work hours that can be used to direct campaign work, you can’t really have one person in charge of everything because of the legal limitations.”

The big question everybody’s asking is whether or not Governor Brown knew about the possible violations of campaign law. According to Kolenc, she “had to have known.”

The subject then turned to Brown’s infamous chief of staff, the one who fired Kolenc, Kristen Leonard. Ms. Leonard allegedly failed to disclose a “potential conflict of interest regarding a state government contract held by a company she owns.”

The Veritas journalist wondered, “how did you find out about the whole, chief of staff had this corrupt thing?”

“The finance director flagged it for me,” Kolenc replied, “they had tried to fire this consulting company earlier, like six months earlier, and the chief of staff totally put the kibosh on it.” The finance director was the same woman who had originally hired Kolenc.

When she tried to cancel the contract with Leonard’s company, “she was let go from the campaign.”

The conversation drifted next into “an alleged quid-pro-quo exchange for campaign contributions from Comcast”

The incident predated his work for the governor, he relates, “it was something earlier in her tenure,” but he heard all about it. “She had written a letter for Comcast and they gave her like $100,000 check or something.”

Not only didn’t it look good, “it shouldn’t look good,” he emphasized. “She didn’t do anything illegal but the perception that it’s a quid-pro-quo, like I’m going to write a letter of support for something, and you’re going to write me a $100,000 check, it doesn’t look good.”

When the Veritas reporter inquired if he thought Brown “still receives contributions for favors,” he replied, “Oh, it’s 100 percent going on. It’s really discouraging.”

He described her office procedures generally as “shady as [profanity],” and nobody says a word about the “low-level graft, low-level corruption.” It appears that “Team Kate” wants to do the “how-low-can-you-go” limbo, where the level of graft and corruption stays just below the radar.

After that, Kolenc morphed into the subject of using government, aka taxpayer, funds for expenses on the campaign trail. “Yeah, it could happen… It could, she did do that, yeah. It happens and it happens all the time.”

Kolenc argues that’s probably because of her lack of management skills and experience. “She’s a really awful manager of people, operations and structures. She’s just not a good manager.” Her hiring skills are atrocious. “She doesn’t hire good managers.” He notes it’s “a fundamental problem that she has.”

The founder of Project Veritas Action Fund, James O’Keefe, took to the airwaves to spread the word that despite the undercover report his muckrakers released, “President Obama just endorsed Governor Brown’s re-election effort. After all that Kolenc told us, it’s hard to understand why even Obama would do that.”

Not only did Barack Obama endorse Brown, she is “the only candidate in Oregon to receive an endorsement from Obama.” Her Republican rival Knute Buehler will likely be smiling every time he turns on the news for a few days.

Brown’s liberal supporters don’t seem to be phased by the video. “Oregon is part of America’s permanent progressive future,” Murray Bolesta comments. Carol Tripp couldn’t volunteer yesterday so she “made an online donation” with a heart symbol.

Jim Bozo threatened, “If you don’t vote for Kate Brown we will have Republican rule and more protest.”

A quick check of the Governor’s twitter feed shows things are a lot quieter there. Her most recent tweet was about climate change, saying the science is clear and Americans have a responsibility to act. She can act on that, but apparently not the corruption in her office?

Compared with the way her Facebook page is plastered with copies of the Veritas video there is only a couple in her Twitter feed comments. The reply from emily.merodi shrugs, “no one cares. It’s James O’Keefe.” In another comment she adds, “he’s not reputable.”

John Parker Jr. gets the distinction. “It’s a video he shared… Not like he’s just asking for someone to believe his typed report… Sheep it on.”

Meanwhile at the last possible moment, all the Governor’s Facebook message system has to say to CDP is “Thanks for reaching out to Gov. Kate Brown’s campaign. We receive a large volume of messages & unfortunately we can’t respond to all.”