Activist Attacked

PUBLISHED: 6:58 PM 8 Jun 2018

Open Borders Activist Attacked, Blames ‘White Men’ Who Didn’t Stop It

‘Asian’ man is how the leftist media in Europe describes Muslims.

The man kicked on the train in front of other passengers.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgarities which may be offensive to some readers. 

The lunacy of modern liberalism knows no boundaries. As Prison Planet has reported today, it’s happening in London, England. Feminist “and open borders advocate Tamara Cincik was attacked” by a large man who was described as “Asian” while on the train and she still blamed white people for not stopping it, as Information Liberation has confirmed.

The raging leftist activist did not blame the possible migrant man who attacked her, but unbelievably, a pair of “white middle class” guys who did not intervene. The Daily Mail has written that the “fashion chief executive” was kicked and threatened by her attacker as she was “on the tube.” The delusional idiot has said that she does not need a man, but now wants men to protect her and run to her aid. Who thinks like this?

The mother of one feared greatly as other children on the train began to cry and the man menaced her further. “I got on the Tube at Highgate and I was going to Old Street. A man got on at Archway, he was about six foot and around 30 to 35-years-old and he started just screaming,” recalled Cincik.

At first I thought he was some sort of performance artist but then it became clear that he was not well,” she added. “He was screaming and shouting at me and saying things like ‘I am going to f****** kick you’ then he did actually kick me. It was intimidating, he was a big guy and I am only size eight.

The strange thinking activist does not blame the 6ft attacker. “I remain more angry with those white middle class men who left me to it. As fathers, husbands, and sons they should be ashamed of themselves,” she said of the ordeal. “You are cowards with less empathy and strength than two size 8 women and a Greek female pensioner. Shame on you.

While there is a bit of shame to be had by those who left her, Cincik is a feminist who rants against needing any man for anything at any time. Her online ranting about the subject could fill volumes.

It is true that men should stand up for ladies (and even weaker men) when they are being beaten, threatened, or bullied. However, these are conservative precepts that leftists like Cincik call outdated stereotypes and sexist.

This ill-thinking starts to get into people’s heads after a while, and before long, society becomes enveloped in a “survival of the fittest” mentality that is quite dangerous.

Then, when men don’t stand up for her or others, she condemns the men. Maybe they were cowards, then again, maybe they just read her words and decided to “leave her to it.”

That is what she asks for every day, after all. Her reactions shows how truly idiotic she is… the cause of the attack was totally ignored.