Omar Rules House

PUBLISHED: 7:25 PM 8 Mar 2019

Omar Is In Charge: Antisemitism Bill Transformed Into ‘Anti-White Supremacy’

Instead of condemning anti-Semitism, Rep. Ilhan Omar has successfully controlled congress and effected a change to the wording of the resolution so that it now basically targets ‘white supremacists.’

Rep. Ilhan Omar has been defended, her racism is allowed to stand.

The watered-down anti-Semitism resolution that was written to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s blatant racism and hate speech didn’t fly with progressives and others within the democrat party, so Nancy Pelosi was forced to comply.

In fact, it seems perfectly clear that a Muslim woman is in complete control of the House.

There was “fierce backlash” from presidential candidates, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the now-powerful progressive base to remove the language that fingered Omar’s disgusting racism.

Rather than censoring her, the intellectually unremarkable Muslim who apparently has CAIR goons to protect her from reporters, she was basically given the power to write the resolution in a way that she approved.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally brought an “All Lives Matter” resolution to the floor, and told reporters she didn’t believe the congresswoman’s comments were “intentionally anti-Semitic.”

“No educated human believes Omar inadvertently accused “Benjamin”-grubbing Rootless Cosmopolitans of hypnotizing the world for their evil. These are long-standing, conspiratorial attacks on the Jewish people, used by anti-Semites on right and left, and popular throughout the Islamic world.

“Even the Democratic Party activist groups that typically cover for the Israel-haters, like the Anti- Defamation League, have condemned Omar. Yet it was the lie that coursed through the Democratic Party’s defense of Omar.”

The Federalist reported:

“We shouldn’t exaggerate the prevalence of hate crimes in America, which is low, but it’s certainly worth pointing out that Jews are the target of 60 percent of those crimes—a far larger percentage than anyone else. In New York City, there have been at least 36 hate crimes against Jews so far this year so far. Shouldn’t Harris be more concerned about Omar’s rhetoric?”

Gad Saad noted yesterday, Omar’s brand of Israel criticism “is almost ALWAYS a cover of existential and definitional Jew-hatred.”

“In truth, Pelosi’s first watered-down resolution would have passed with most Republicans voting for it, and a number of Democrats defecting. This would have been embarrassing. So she promised to dilute it, and even that wasn’t enough for Democrats. Now, leadership is poised to pass some pointless resolution condemning all hatred.”

In fact, the only thing that the resolution now proves is that Omar is in complete charge of the House. She can spew her racist hatred as much as she wants and knows that no one will dare to come against her now.

The truth is apparent. Omar is in charge of the House, Pelosi will bow to the freshman socialists who espouse racism and hate under the guise of free speech.