Dems 'Find' Votes

PUBLISHED: 7:50 PM 9 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 10:23 PM 9 Aug 2018

Ohio Race Tightens As County ‘Finds’ Hundreds Of Uncounted Votes

Ohio election officials "found" 588 uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb, and 190 of them reportedly were for the democratic candidate.

Ohio election officials "found" 588 uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb, giving liberals hope that O'Connor still has a chance at winning.

The hotly contested race between Republican candidate Troy Balderson and Democratic challenger Danny O’Connor in Ohio‘s special election for the 12th District has taken a serious turn after election officials claim they “found” hundreds of uncounted ballots from a liberal-dominated area as they continually refuse to accept the election outcome.

As noted by USA Today, Balderson was declared the winner on Tuesday after he received 1,754 more votes than O’Connor. On Wednesday, Ohio election officials claimed they happened to find roughly 588 previously uncounted votes, with more than 190 of them going toward the democrat. Despite it being mathematically improbable that Balderson would lose the race, democrats are refusing to accept the outcome of the election and the will of the voters.

Ohio election officials claimed on Wednesday that they found the hundreds of previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb, an area where many democrats cast their votes on Tuesday for O’Connor.

There are also reportedly roughly 8,000 absentee ballots and provisional votes that have yet to be counted, leading many democrats to believe that the race is far from over.

In fact, O’Connor tweeted on Wednesday that he would not concede in the race and begged supporters for money to help keep his campaign going.

After all of the votes are tabulated, if the margin is 0.5 percent or less, elections officials are required to conduct a recount.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, the contest between Balderson and O’Connor arguably garnered the most attention in recent weeks because democrats believed they could flip the seat which has been controlled by a republican for more than three decades.

President Donald Trump was obviously the biggest winner of the night, where five candidates that he endorsed won in their respective races.

And in typical Trump fashion, he made sure to drop a savage tweet on Tuesday night while liberals were blaming Russia for another embarrassing election loss.

Trump backed Balderson and campaigned for him prior to Tuesday’s election, helping push him over the finish line.

But more importantly, the elections this year have been so hotly contested because both parties have seen the historic turnout. In most of these races, and what many will likely look like in November, it can literally come down to a few thousand votes.

With Democrats vying to retake the House of Representative, all of the races are crucial — which is why Ohio’s 12th District election has proven how important every single vote truly is.

And it also raises very serious questions about whether Democrats will continue to “find” more uncounted ballots in the Ohio race.