PUBLISHED: 4:19 PM 14 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 5:08 PM 14 Nov 2017

JUST IN: Ohio Authorities Unveil Horrifying News As Parking Lot Turns Into Crime Scene

It was at this hospital that Dr. "Skip" Seese lost his life due to what may have been a love triangle dispute.

It was at this hospital that Dr. "Skip" Seese lost his life due to what may have been a love triangle dispute.

It was at this hospital that Dr. “Skip” Seese lost his life due to what may have been a love triangle dispute.

There is a lot written about the Canton and Massillon, Ohio, areas and a lot of it is pretty grim. Sure, the downtown’s of both of these mid-sized markets are doing far better than they were a decade ago, but outsourcing has ripped this steel mill laden landscape into pieces and it has never recovered. Violence, murder, theft, and other crimes have grown as many seem on edge and quite nervous on a day to day basis.

Sadly, the reputation is only going to worsen now that a “Massillon doctor was fatally shot Monday in the parking lot of Affinity Medical Center,” as Ohio (dot com) reports. This happened as he was simply leaving the hospital and walking towards his car.

Police say that the killer, Michael Wood, shot at Dr. George Q. Seese around 2 p.m. and then turned his weapon on himself. The 59-year-old doctor was rapidly taken back into the hospital but passed away during surgery, according to Stark County Coroner Chief Investigator Harry Campbell.

He was pronounced dead as soon as the shooting happened.

Cosmo Transportation founder and CEO Glenn Holcomb was at the hospital with a patient in transport and spoke exclusively with the Conservative Daily Post. “I saw the doctor at first laying on the pavement after I heard the shots.” He said soon police were on the scene and it was hard to see much.

Holcomb did add that “I heard all of the gun shots. I later saw the doctor’s body lying in the back of a black vehicle, I could not tell which kind it was.”

The founder also said that he saw “another body laying on the ground, bloodied.” With a bit of sorrow in his voice, he lamented, “There was lots of blood around.

Dr. Seese (pictured) was the father of 13.

Dr. Seese (pictured) was the father of 13.

It is being reported that the shooting happened “about 150 feet from the hospital’s ER in the Amherst Road parking lot.” Those working at the medical center “raced to try to rescue Seese by putting him on a gurney to get him inside the hospital,” but the damage was too severe for anything to be done.

Another source who chose not to be named said that blood was delivered to the hospital with great haste but that the doctor had lost too much blood for it to have done any good. Still, the fact that hospitals don’t have the blood on hand for times that it could have made a difference is worrisome to many.

No motive for the shooting is known, adding only further frustration to this rocked community. After all, there are homes right around the hospital. They are placed in a ring around it, actually, so one badly aimed shot could have killed anyone just sitting in their homes with their families.

Some reports suggest that the doctor shared a love interest with the killer through this has NOT yet been proven to be true.

Seese leaves behind 13 children and the cardiologist with Stark Medical Specialties Inc. was known mostly by his nickname, Skip.

It has been confirmed that a “security camera on a building across the driveway from the victim’s auto likely captured the shooting,” according to Massillon Police Capt. Bill Peel. The lawman is interviewing those who saw the shooting and reveals that no one else was hurt nor wounded in the attack.

It seems clear that the gunman certainly was aiming for only Dr. Seese. This is seen in the fact that the killer did not start shooting at others in the lot, the homes a stone throw away, or other staff members.

The question remains, however…why?

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