Suspect Hits Eight

PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM 23 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:04 PM 23 Apr 2018

Officials Deny Motive In Van Attack, Eight People Run Down

At least eight are injured after a suspect intentionally hit them.

A white van injured nearly a dozen people after mowing them down near a G7 meeting.

Police say a white van in Toronto, Canada jumped a curb and intentionally killed five people and injured at eight others. The driver has been taken into custody, according to WHIO.

While police have yet to reveal the motive behind the attack, the timing of the incident coupled with the cultural shift in Canada raises serious questions. The attack occurred a few miles away from where the Group of Seven foreign ministers of industrialized nations were gathered on Monday to discuss issues.

Authorities in Canada’s largest city initially reported eight people had been injured from the attack, but now say the number could be much higher. It’s unclear the extent of their injuries, but it would be safe to assume being hit by a car left serious bruises.

Toronto Police confirmed after the incident that police had the suspect in custody, and provided some details about the incident. She said people reported that a van drove onto the sidewalk and violently hit a handful of people.

Its unclear why the police statement largely left out that the “incident” happened to occur just a few miles away from a G7 meeting with representatives of foreign nations.

Someone using a vehicle to intentionally drive onto a sidewalk and hit at least ten people sounds politically and religiously motivated. It also comes as Canada has become a hotbed for radical Islamic terrorism. Canada has not only allowed tens of thousands of Muslim migrants to assimilate to the nation, there has also been a dramatic uptick in crime against civilians.

Both the United States and Europe have also experienced an increase in deadly attacks in which vehicles were used to mow down pedestrians. In many of these cases, a radical jihadist used the vehicle to kill and harm innocent people.

The violent attack on Monday also comes on the heels of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doing everything in his power to allow Sharia law to take root in the country. Trudeau has argued that Islam is compatible with Western democracy, and is urging Western nations to accept a religion that wages war against Christians and nonbelievers.

Encouraging Islamic State terrorists to come to Canada and sympathizing with the violent religion, Trudeau has created and allowed a culture where vehicle attacks are common. He’s allowing Sharia Law to overtake Canada, and now innocent civilians aren’t even safe to walk down the street any longer.

As we await more details to be released, it’s probably a safe bet to assume this was a planned attack aimed at sending a political and/or religious statement.