Probe Reveals John Kerry Illegally Funneled Millions

PUBLISHED: 12:30 AM 23 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 6:48 PM 23 Feb 2018

Official Agrees To Testify Against John Kerry For Funneling Millions To Daughter

A former official will cooperate with probe into Kerry sending State Dept. money to daughter.

Kerry admits to "shadow diplomacy" behind the scenes.

A former high-ranking Peace Corps official accepted an immunity deal in exchange for cooperating in the investigation into former Secretary of State John Kerry funneling millions of dollars to a nonprofit organization run by his daughter.

Recently published court documents show Warren Buckingham reached a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., to avoid prosecution in the case involving an illegal lobbying scheme by Obama’s deep state actors.

Buckingham told federal prosecutors he pushed former Peace Corps officials to ensure Seed Global Health secured a $6.4 million Department of State funded contract in September 2015.

Buckingham also worked to ensure that Seed – the nonprofit organization founded and run by Vanessa Kerry – received it’s original $3 million State Department-funded contract back in September 2012.

Court documents reveal officials from Seed and the State Department met with Vanessa and spoke extensively about funneling the money to Seed through the Peace Corps.

Buckingham’s immunity deal indicates he agreed to cooperate with “any ongoing investigation” relating to Kerry abusing his power at the State Department to funnel millions of dollars to his daughters organization.

He also agreed to “disclose all factual information” surrounding the highly illegal scheme, including “any document, record or other tangible evidence.”

His immunity deal also requires him to “make himself available for interviews or testimony,” including testifying before a grand jury to identify witnesses who have knowledge or information to offer regarding the scheme.

This corruption scheme is slightly similar to what Hillary Clinton did as secretary of state.

Clinton used her power at the State Department to approve policies or request for other nations in exchange for massive donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Kerry, however, abused his power to funnel millions of dollars from the State Department through the Peace Corps to his daughter’s organization.

Both corrupt Obama officials broke the law, abused their power, and deserve to go to jail for the crimes they committed.

Kerry could be facing serious jail time as the top player in the corruption scheme has accepted an immunity deal and is ready to tell the investigators everything.

Source: Daily Caller