Syrian Refugee Murders Wife

PUBLISHED: 12:03 AM 6 Mar 2018

Officers Make Arrest As Syrian Refugee Murders Wife, Shares Chilling Live Stream

He attempted to justify what he did in a live stream video on Facebook.

Just recently, police officers in Germany arrested a Syrian refugee who reportedly murdered his wife and confessed to doing so on Facebook.

Just recently, police officers in Germany arrested a Syrian refugee shortly after he reportedly murdered his wife. Shockingly, in a disturbing video posted to Facebook prior to being arrested, he attempted to justify the brutal killing by stating that he did it to warn other women who “anger” their husbands.

Abu Marwan, a 41-year-old German migrant from Syria, was arrested by local law enforcement officials earlier this month for allegedly stabbing his 37-year-old wife “four or five times in the neck.” Apparently, he killed her because “she wanted to marry another Lebanese man after divorcing him.”

After killing her, Marwan then took one of their three children and fled toward a nearby train station. While on the way to the train station, he decided to record a live video of himself and his son on Facebook.

“I went to my wife,” began Marwan, who can be seen covered in blood, in the video.

“I tried to fix things and she kicked me out, so I stabbed her,” he continued.

“I stabbed her with the knife 3 or 4 times. If she died or did not die I don’t know,” added Marwan, noting, “all of you women out there that’s what you get for cheating on your husbands.”

According to reports, the second one of the couple’s children were also present at the time. Upon witnessing the horrific killing, she promptly dialed 911 and alerted the police.

After receiving the call, several officers rushed to the station where Marwan was headed and intercepted him. He was then subsequently arrested in the station’s forecourt. The officers also handed the couple’s three children over to youth services.

Following Marwan’s arrest, Dr. Bernhard Ebinger, the senior prosecutor in the case, released a statement providing the public with more information about the incident.

“[On] Friday afternoon, a 41-year-old Syrian in an apartment in Mühlacker killed his 37-year-old wife and first fled with one of their sons on foot. The minor in the apartment, the remaining daughter, communicated to police at 4.30pm what had occurred. A large contingent of police went after the fugitive offender and was able to catch him in Mühlacker a short time later. He remains under arrest,” explained Ebinger.

Sadly, it’s not entirely uncommon for someone to be harmed or killed by a member of their own family. For example, earlier this month, a Mexican immigrant who moved to Chicago, Illinois over a decade ago was taken into custody by local police for killing his infant son. Apparently, he slit the child’s throat because he was keeping him awake.  

Specifically, 37-year-old Rolando Ortiz was recently arrested by and charged with “first-degree murder” after he nearly decapitated his two-year-old son with a kitchen knife for reportedly “being too noisy” while he was trying to sleep.

After killing the helpless child, Ortiz grabbed a garbage bag and stuffed his lifeless body inside. He then cleaned up and called his wife, who was at work, to tell her what he had done. Since she was working, though, she didn’t answer, so he called her sister and told her “his son was with God now and admitted that he had killed his son.”

She called other family members and asked them to check on the child. When they arrived, they saw that Ortiz’s wrists had been slit in an apparent suicide attempt. Shocked, they pulled out their phones and called the police.

Before the police could arrive, however, Ortiz got into his car and drove off. Thankfully, however, police officers eventually caught up with him and placed him in handcuffs.

When they asked where he was driving to, he told them he was trying to escape back to Mexico. After arresting Ortiz, they then took him to Cook County Jail where he’s currently being held without bond.

And several weeks before that, law enforcement officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota recently arrested 51-year-old Jerry Lee Curry and charged him with “with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-and second-degree assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and child endangerment” for allegedly imprisoning and repeatedly “torturing” his twin daughters, who are now in their early 20s, over the course of roughly 10 years. In addition to abusing the two girls, Curry also reportedly abused their mother, who authorities are currently trying to locate.

According to reports, Curry would keep the two girls chained for long periods of time and regularly deny them food. Disturbingly, the degrading imprisonment would sometimes go on for days and would often include physical or sexual abuse.

As a consequence of the “routine” sexual abuse, one of the victims, who reportedly has a “mild to moderate” level of intellectual disability, got pregnant and gave birth on two separate occasions, once in 2014 and once in 2017.

Fed up with Curry’s abuse and constant death threats, one of the girls managed to escape. After escaping, her mother, who was also reportedly being abused by Curry, contacted the police and reported her child missing.

Officers searched the area and managed to find her at a Salvation Army shelter. When they tried to take her home, however, she refused to go, telling them that she was “afraid” to return. They then investigated further and subsequently removed the other child from the home.

Although this incident occurred last year, it took officers up until now to officially charge him. Once charged, Curry voluntarily turned himself in. He’s currently being held on $750,000 bail at a local prison.

Harming or killing another human being, especially a member of one’s own family, is one of the worst things a person can do. Hopefully, Marwan ends up being punished as harshly as possible to help deter others from sending a similar “message” in the future.