Suspect Goes Teeth To Teeth With K-9

PUBLISHED: 4:33 PM 25 Jan 2018

Officers Issue Warning After Suspect Fights K-9…With Teeth

Officers say they have never heard of something like this.

Police had no idea what would happen when they tried to arrest two suspects.

It has been said it is not news when a dog bites a man, it is only news when man bites a dog. This is supposed to be an analogy, not something that really happens. In New Hampshire, the event actually occurred and even authorities are shocked by the details of it.

Yahoo News has confirmed that “a man was arrested for biting a police dog” as officers were investigating reports that a shooting had taken place “in the town of Boscawen.” The police were in the home because it was thought that the shooting had taken place there. As bizarre as it is to have to tell someone this, officers said that dogs are “pretty good at biting.” Getting into a chomping battle with a police dog is really one of the worst ideas to have.

It was discovered that two of the people who lived in the home was wanted for outstanding warrants. They tried to flee when arrests were to be made, according to Lieutenant Jason Killary of the Boscawen Police Department.

Both of them resisted arrest and one very strongly resisted arrest. He bit the dog, the dog bit him, he ended up getting Tasered,” relays Killary.

The guilty parties (who were not identified) are being charged with “resisting arrest and assault on a police dog.” The New Hampshire Canine Trooper’s Association Facebook page lists the dog’s name as “K9 Veda.”

Thankfully, the dog sustained no injuries and was”cleared to return to duty.”

Making reference to the foolishness of the suspect, Killary said, “If you get into a biting competition with a police dog, you’re not going to win. They’re pretty good at that.

While it may be rare to see a man bite a dog, as we have seen in the past, protesters have attacked police horses before. Some ANTIFA members even yelled at the horse that they abused as if it knew what was going on and was somehow part of the blame!

Certainly, there are times when police need to have a dog attack someone who is refusing to comply. It can sometimes get rather dangerous for the animal in the heat of battle. Still, it is rather unusual that a man actually tries to bite the dog.

Even if the shooting never took place, the only thing that this action did was make sure that charges were going to happen anyhow. Lucky for Veda, taking a bite of crime was her specialty.

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