Obituary Bandit Caught

PUBLISHED: 1:08 AM 13 Feb 2018

“Obit Bandit” Nabbed, Criminal Preyed On Grieving Families

He served 18 months in 2012 for the same crime.

When families were laying to rest their dead, one man was stealing from their homes.

Recently, we took a look at the cold and callous actions of one daughter who broke into her own families home instead of attending her mother’s funeral so that she could rob the house which she knew would be empty. Some suspect that drug addiction spurred her most thoughtless of actions, yet this seemingly ungrieving daughter is not alone.

As Yahoo News reports, some people can do similar things to total strangers who are enveloped in life’s sorrow and think nothing of it, too. In, Barnstable, Massachusetts, local police have “arrested a man they say broke into people’s homes in Massachusetts while they attended wakes or funerals.”

Randy Brunelle, 35, became a suspect as a number of break in’s in the Cape Cod area were being investigated. In 2012, the man had already served 18-months for being brash enough to break into the home of a police officer! This happened as the lawman was attending his mother’s funeral.

Officers decided to follow the car of Brunelle as other officers followed those going to a recent wake. When police discovered that there had been a break-in, they pulled over their suspect.

In his pockets was found jewelry, surely stolen from the home of the bereft. It seems that he would thumb through the obituaries, find this target, and clean the place out while they wept by the gravesite.

Brunelle has now been labeled the “obit bandit” (as in “obituary”) and “is facing multiple charges including felony breaking and entering.” He is also reported to have ignored questions from reporters when he was arraigned in court on Monday.

Stealing from another’s home and entering their own private dwelling with a total lack of empathy is bad enough. However, when such actions are taking place during a families time of greatest pain, it is a sin almost too dark to label.

Also, while this may have sounded like a good idea the first time, how did Brunelle ever reason that he would not be suspected again? For that matter, when he pulled off a few burglaries and things got hot, why did he keep going?

These are the kinds of errors that we can all be thankful that criminals make.

Just the same, when it comes to recalling some of the most unfeeling of criminals, many in Barnstable will forever remember the orbit bandit.

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