PUBLISHED: 11:45 PM 3 Nov 2016

Obama’s Federal Judge Denies Request That Voter Fraud Be Investigated


His Judge Denied The Request!

Throughout this election there has been one major fear that has circulated the minds of every Republican voter and candidate. They are extremely worried about the thought of the election being rigged and their votes not counting.

This all started when WikiLeaks released some emails that showed that the Democrats were rigging their primaries to make Hillary Clinton the winner instead of Bernie Sanders. And ever since then it has just snowballed into more and more examples of voter fraud happening!

This is a legitimate fear considering that the news has been full of people saying that the voting machines are rigged, ballots had been ripped up, and even some signs of voter intimidation. People just want to make sure that their vote counts and that the election really was decided in a fair and balanced way.


She Has Had Some Intense Election Rigging Going On In Her Election

One of the ways that the Republican Party thought would have been a good idea to make sure that the elections weren’t rigged was to have a designated group of poll watchers observe the election. Specifically the Republican Party in Pennsylvania wanted to try this. They wanted to have poll watchers make sure that nothing was going on.

Except that it will NOT happen! A federal judge on Thursday denied this effort! It’s amazing really. Literally we have heard and seen some people that are going around and making sure that the elections are rigged and this judge doesn’t want to approve people to be poll watchers. If that were the case then he must have had a good reason right?

Well he gave three reasons, but none of them are very good. Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Gerald J. Pappert has said that the state GOP’s request was “unreasonably delayed,” wasn’t in the public’s interest, and it doesn’t meet the standard for a last-minute intervention from the court. Interestingly enough, Pappert was appointed by President Obama back in 2014. No wonder he denied this request.

How in the world is this not in the public’s best interest? We are literally talking about making sure that the election isn’t rigged in the slightest! That is pretty important if you ask any American! How would you feel if someone said that your vote wasn’t going to be counted but it could have been prevented?

Pappert also wrote, “Any intervention at this point risks practical concerns including disruption, confusion or other unforeseen deleterious effects. Plaintiffs waited until eighteen days before the election to bring this case. … Were the Court to enter the requested injunction, poll watchers would be allowed to roam the Commonwealth on Election Day for the first time in the Election Code’s seventy-nine year history – giving the Commonwealth and county election officials all of five days’ notice to prepare for the change.”

The reason for the delay was because there has been an uptick in voter fraud being reported! They just wanted to make sure that people have their votes accounted for. Considering that there is a lot of election fraud going on, it’s something that should be taken seriously.


There Has Been So Much Talk About Election Rigging Since Her Party Has Done It

Of course the chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, Congressman Bob Brady, said that he was happy with the ruling. “We don’t need out-of-county people. They’re just trying to suppress the vote and cause confusion. It’s totally ridiculous.” No what is ridiculous is the fact that the Democrats have to use ELECTION FRAUD to win an election!

That literally undermines the entire concept of a democracy! Not to mention that it is completely against the law to rig an election! But the Democrats don’t seem to care about that in the slightest!

This challenge of course came after Donald Trump has been warning of “rigged elections” in “other communities.” That includes cities like Philadelphia. He has encouraged people to monitor the polls just in case something bad happens. It makes sense considering that the Democrats have been doing what they can to make sure that Clinton is the winner of everything.

State Republican Party spokeswoman Megan Sweeney said that the ruling was “a blow to openness and transparency in our electoral system” and also said that the party would review its legal options. But the bottom line is that the people of Pennsylvania are going to have to worry about their votes being cast.

But it wasn’t just the fact that election fraud is going on. There was something released from the Department of Justice that said that anyone that wanted to report any sign of election fraud that was going on was breaking the law themselves. Yes if you wanted to report that election fraud was going on, you might have a chance of getting arrested yourself! What a wonderful job that the Department of Justice is doing.

Of course another form of election fraud that has gone on has been the fact that some people in the Democratic Party were doing what they can to make sure that Clinton won. That included the interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, giving Clinton some questions that were going to be answered at a town hall.

But when she was asked about this cheating, Brazile claimed that she was being “persecuted” and that it was wrong to ask her questions. Yes she said that in an interview. Well if you couldn’t take the questions then you shouldn’t have done anything illegal in the first place!

Share this article to show your friends and family that people in Pennsylvania don’t consider combating voter fraud important. The judge shot down a request to have poll watchers in the booths to make sure that nothing illegal was going on. And considering that the Democrats have a history of doing illegal actions, you can be assured that it will be happening.

But despite the fact that there might be election fraud going on, there is still a chance to win this election. But we need every single person to share and read this article to go out and vote for Donald Trump. Otherwise we are just going to have more failed policies in the White House.