PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM 11 Jan 2017

Obama’s Farewell Address: The Evidence Will Clearly Show Me As This Country’s Finest President

An American disgrace...

An American disgrace...

An American disgrace…

Last night, Barack Obama gave his farewell speech where he spent a majority of the night thanking himself for his years of hard work. In his speech, he mentioned himself 75 times, which is a clear indication that he truly believes he will go down as a great president.

During Obama’s speech, he only chose to mention his accomplishments — and there certainly weren’t many. In his speech taking place in our Nations murder capitol, Obama forgot to mention that about 95% of his presidency has been a complete failure.

Here are four main things Obama failed to discuss in his boring, lying, inaccurate speech:


Obama called his healthcare plan a tremendous gift to Americans and argued that millions more are now insured. Yes, millions were forced to sign up for this mandate or they would be fined and penalized–so they had no choice.

Also, he failed to mention the cost of this unconstitutional failure. The cost of covering an individual through the Medicaid program was $3,247 per individual in 2011 before ObamaCare was enacted. In 2015, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services, the cost of enrolling an individual in Medicaid doubled to $6,366 per individual.

Obama also claimed his mandate was cost efficient, which is a lie. Even CNNMoney called that a flat out lie when they reported in September of 2016 that healthcare costs rose the most in 32 years under Obama’s diabolical mandate.

National Security

Obama argued that we have never been safer because of his presidency. Obama argued for a second time that no foreign terrorist organization has carried out an attack on American soil. Of course, we know that to be completely false given that a majority of the terrorist attacks in America have been inspired by jihadi organizations or they were trained by those organizations.

Jihadi’s with ties to terrorist organizations successfully carried out attacks in Little Rock, Fort HoodBoston Marathon bombing, Moore, Queens, Brooklyn, Garland, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, St. Cloud, New York/New Jersey, and at Ohio State University. A majority of these have occurred within the last two years.

Thanks for keeping us safe, Mr. President!

Climate Change

Obama argued that his administration will go down as the strongest supporter of keeping our kids future safe. He is referring to “climate change” and he still wants us to believe that he did not waste trillions of dollars in this worthless department.

Obama will leave office still believing and arguing that “climate change” poses greater threat to world peace than radical Islamic terrorism.

Obama’s focus on “climate change” has led to a weaker, less prosperous, and less safe America. Hardly an accomplishment to tout, but Obama isn’t one to miss an opportunity to thank himself.

Just as a farewell reminder, “climate change” has been debunked and proven to be false as scientists think we are headed into a new ice age.


Obama concluded his speech touting his record on jobs. He argued that he “unleash[ed] the longest stretch of job creation in our history.” While it may be factually correct, it leaves out major facts.

Because of Obamacare, there have been a disproportionate number of part-time jobs created, meaning that the labor force participation rate is remains incredibly low.

Obama loves to mention that since 2009, he has created about 8.1 million new jobs. He intentionally fails to mention that a vast majority of those working are only in “part time” jobs, not “full time” jobs.

When part time workers are factored in, the real unemployment rate is 9.9 percent – nearly twice the rate of the “official” metric. The labor force participation rate has dropped to 62.4 percent, or nearly 94 million Americans not in the labor force. That means Obama will leave office as one of the worst job creating presidents of our time.

The four main points listed here depict Obama’s true legacy. His farewell address served as a powerful reminder of how much better this great Nation will be when Obama is forced to leave in eight days.

Never forget what he has done to this Nation and the American people.