PUBLISHED: 10:43 PM 3 Jan 2017

Obama’s EPA Fining People For Burning Wood To Stay Warm, Argues “Bad For Climate”

I wish this was a joke...

I wish this was a joke...

I wish this was a joke…

I regret to inform you that this article is not intended to be humorous. As ignorant and incompetent as Obama continues to be, this may be his finest act before leaving office.

Obama has created many wasteful and useless departments that are costing taxpayers billions of dollars, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In case you are unfamiliar, the EPA is a bureaucracy of environmentally-friendly liberals that think everything has contributed to climate change.

Their latest cause? Fining Americans for burning wood in order to stay warm this winter.

“It’s all one thing — when you most need the heat is when you’re most apt to create a serious air pollution problem for yourself and the people in your community,” said Tim Hamlin, the director of the office of air and waste at the E.P.A.’s Region 10, which includes Alaska.

The E.P.A. could declare the entire area to be in “serious” noncompliance of the Clean Air Act early next year, with potentially huge economic implications, including a cutoff of federal transportation funds.

Residents are also trapped, he said, by economics. Natural gas, a much cleaner fuel source, is not widely available in this part of Alaska, and heating oil can be very expensive. Oil also produces particulate pollution, though less than wood. A study for the borough last year said residents here spent, on average, almost four times the national average in annual heating costs.

Yes, Obama’s EPA is now fining Americans because they are using fires to keep warm. According to the EPA, they would rather assure people they are breathing clean air as they freeze to death.

This is why we don’t take climate changers/environmentalists/science deniers seriously. If I had to take a guess, I would strongly argue that people using wood fires to stay warm aren’t the same ones driving a Prius and crying about the election results.

What do you think about the Obama administration fining people for burning wood?

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