PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 7 Feb 2017

Obama’s 2010 Law Fails To Protect Soros, Evidence Shows Plan To Play Both Sides For Grand Finale


George Soros is heavily invested and helps the very fossil fuel companies that he claims cause the planet to warm.

In World War Two, both General Motors and the Ford Motor Company (under Ford himself, no less) funded both the Allies and the Nazi’s. Officially it is said that once the American car giants found out what kind of man Hitler was, they stopped, yet some have said that they were funding both sides so that they could sell units to both. Also, no matter who won, with this disgusting tactic they would be less likely to face the firing squad, which is thought to have been the dark motives behind the funding.

Likewise, the inventor of the Gatling gun made the weapon to help “man kill his fellow man easier” and even openly had NO qualms about selling to anyone. When Germany in World War One bought a Gatling gun to kill Britain’s with, Gatling got paid for it. This kind of division can be used by NGO’s who go around and create division within nations as a way of bringing them down from inside. This is something that has been done to America by the United Nations and by people like George Soros, who is at “the Gatling gun” as it were, once again.


Some of the most evil and corrupt groups get Soros money, still, he likes to fund the other side, too.

While Soros is always preaching to the world about the evils of fossil fuels, as he himself travels in the nicest jets that his billions of dollars can buy, he has recently be found to be very heavily invested in such fuels. It is very interesting that the left hates President Trump because he is a billionaire, but they have no problem with Soros who is also equally wealthy and also uses that wealth to further his political causes.

They also hate that Trump has bankers on his staff so as to fix the system with their knowledge of it, but they never bat an eye when Soros is tied into the same banks up to his evil eyes with fossil fuel/big bank money to gain from it. Soros is allowed to be a capitalist in a den of Commies!

Not one, not two, not even ten, but no less than ELEVEN fossil fuel companies see massive investments from George “America Last” Soros. He has purchased 3.7 million shares in the Columbia pipeline which every leftist from here to Bernie Sanders front porch was against, yet there is not a peep from the left. There won’t be either, since it is Soro’s hypocritical money streams that fund all of their events. If not for Soros, NO ONE will show up at a left rally.


George Soros claims that deep sea drilling hurts the planet and needs to end, yet he funds Baker Hughes and invests enough money that they will drill for many years to come.

Instead, the do-nothing/know-nothing’s on the Democrat side of the spectrum will sit as hushed as an Alaskan sunrise while Soros makes what many project to be around $8.9 million dollars from the “evil” fossil fuels of which he speaks against. The very same fossil fuels that make him rich and that he spends a much smaller amount to fund others to march against. This way he can play both sides against the middle and come out like a jackpot winner at a gamblers anonymous meeting.

“But why oh why would Soros do that, won’t he lose money?” asks the leftist. No, of course not, because he can send his mindless zombies out with signs that are not even spelled correctly into the streets to drum up business for his more “green” ideas. Sometimes he can even get those zombies to get other zombies to agree to willingly pay more in taxes to the companies that he is getting rich from.

Also, before anyone says that Soros is just using the big fossil fuel companies until things get better, he is not saying that at all. He is not saying that we need to allow coal and gas to grow AS we fund green energies, he is trying instead to punish regular energy for the good of a left-leaning agenda that makes him rich.


George Soros pushes both the lie and costly burdens of climate change on everyone while he funds those that he claims cause it.

This is why he can give 30 million dollar gifts to Climate Reality. It is why he give money to  (fictional documentary) filmmaker Al Gore but spends $93 million dollars -over three times as much – to gas and shale giants, Williams Company, who now has 3.1 million shares owned by the traitor to even his own side, George “Hate America” Soros. The Williams Company represents everything about the energy sector that the Democrats detest, right up there with Haliburton, yet the Huffington Post is not out there attacking Soros in any meaningful way for funding them.

The list, just the like the corruption of George Soros, is not done yet. He also owns 685,000 shares of Baker Hughes which happen to be not only one of the largest names in oil drilling but -please sit down snowflakes -DEEP SEA OIL DRILLING! Democrats would rather be hosed with ice water in the coldest regions of the frigid Russian north by Vladimir Putin wearing a Trump hat than hear anything about oil drilling at sea. Sadly for the Democrats, their sugar daddy has just assured that Baker Hughes will be drilling like Sarah Palin in a hard hat for many years to come. After all, he gave them $38.3 million dollars.

Marathon Oil and Schlumberger is exactly like Baker Hughes and they got some Soros drilling money, too. He even owns shares in Petroleo Brasilerosa, California Resources, Valvoline, Rice Energy, Targa Resources, and even Diamondback. All of this has made it possible, all of this DRILLING, OIL, FOSSIL FUELS, and COAL for him to earn a staggering $44.2 million in just 2016 from these very industries. It is enough to make a leftist use the spell check before getting out the crayons.


Soros has funded some of the most racist and divisive people in the world.

If that were not enough to stagger any tree hugger, Soros also goes against the United Nations puppet masters and invests heavily in the automotive industry. Not content to be chauffeured around in the choicest cars ever made while he promotes taxes on the common driver whom he looks likely down upon, he not only speaks against the industry that he funds, but also refuses to address the hypocrisy. Delphi Automotive, WABCO and Car Max are no strangers to George “Hurt America” Soros. Even Harley Davidson is tainted by Soros having seen $468,000 in greenbacks from the man.

Soros has given millions upon millions to groups that greatly harm America by forcing the lie of man-made global climate change like Open Society and Climate Policy Institute. These groups also have the gull to promote investment diversity against fossil fuels, as if every investor is as blessed as Soros and can afford to fund both sides to score a profit. This lead Dr. Steven J. Allen of the Capital Research Center to accurately state that, “One of the things we’ve learned from wealthy environmentalists is that they don’t necessarily put their money where their mouth is. They tend to have an attitude of ‘those rules are for other people.’  The moral rules they create are for other people and not for them.
Oddly enough, perpetual whiners Greenpeace, a group who’s co-founder now says is mistaken on global warming, have not gotten their expected check from George Soros and are claiming that they do not mind. Then again, what else are they going to say? They always have the hope that maybe Soros will have a speech or an engagement where he needs his ego stroked for a slick photo op, in which case, they could see millions. Otherwise….well, keep sailing, guys. Just don’t hit the Soros rig drilling in the depths of the ocean because that would cost him a fortune.