Obamacare Failed Him, But Trump Saved His Life

PUBLISHED: 6:49 PM 13 Feb 2018

Obamacare Wouldn’t Cover Man’s Cancer Treatment, Then He Got A Letter From Trump

Trump wrote a $10,000 check to pay for man's chemotherapy treatment.

Trump stepped in and literally saved Bouvet's life.

After a man was unable to afford his cancer treatment because of Obamacare’s skyrocketing premiums, President Donald Trump stepped in and saved his life.

With former President Barack Obama’s socialist healthcare plan failing many Americans, Don Bouvet was unable to afford his chemotherapy treatment last year to treat his bladder cancer.

After struggling to cope with Obama’s rising premiums crushing his family and leaving them feeling helpless, they received a personal check from Trump for $10,000 to cover the treatment.

Bouvet visited the White House on Friday, and he revealed that he is now cancer-free because he was able to get the treatment he desperately needed.

“The president saved my life,” Bouvet said during his emotional Oval Office meeting with Trump. “And I told him that.”

Bouvet’s son, Shane Bouvet, worked for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Shane reportedly told Trump the night before his inauguration that his father was struggling financially to pay for the treatment he needed to stay alive.

Not long after Shane returned home to Stonington, Illinois, he received a personal check in the mail for $10,000 from Trump.

“Shane — You are a great guy — thanks for all of your help,” Trump wrote on presidential stationery that was addressed to the family.

Shane gave the check to his father so they could cover the astronomically high deductible on the treatment because of Obamacare.

Now cancer-free, Bouvet says he is literally alive today because of Trump’s act of kindness.

“You didn’t have anything,” Trump said to Shane. “And you gave all of it. … That’s an incredible son.”

“It’s very emotional because … one day I wanted to come here, or meet you somewhere, shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say, ‘Thank you for saving my life,'” Don Bouvet told the president. “And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

After their meeting, Trump was so impressed with the family and their courage that he wrote them another personal check for $5,000.

This is what the liberal, anti-Trump media will never report on. Trump gave his own money that was used to save Bouvet’s life because he couldn’t afford his deductible under Obama’s healthcare plan.

This is great story embodies why so many Americans voted for Trump and are proud that he’s the president.

Source: NBC Washington