PUBLISHED: 11:01 PM 15 Nov 2016
UPDATED: 11:03 PM 15 Nov 2016

Obama To Deny Trump Right, Moving To Appoint SCOTUS Without Senate Approval

He Plans To Grant Amnesty To Millions More

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Obama Is Trying A Last Ditch Effort To Undermine The Constitution

As everyone should remember from history class, the United States government is set up so that there is a system of checks and balances. They do this so one branch of government isn’t stronger than the others.

Even though the President may seem like the most powerful person in the free world, he still has to answer to Congress and the Supreme Court. Speaking of the Supreme Court, they are directly involved in one of the system of checks and balances between the President and Congress.

The way that it is supposed to work is that the President selects someone that he thinks would be the best choice for the highest court in the land. After he appoints someone, Congress has to either approve or deny the selection. That is the way the country was set up through the Constitution.

And since this is President Obama we are talking about, he is trying to find a way around the system of checks and balances. A White House petition was set up to try and get Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, to the Supreme Court without having him approved by the Senate.


Obama Thought He Would Get Around The Constitution Yet Again

The reason that this was set up was because there was a Washington Post opinion piece that was written saying that Obama should bypass the normal procedure and just assume that the Senate is waiving its right to consent. Really? He should just assume that they aren’t going to want to have President-Elect Donald Trump select a nominee to be appointed?

The petition itself reads, “The Senate has waived its constitutional right to advise and consent; Obama should exercise his independent constitutional right to appoint. The Supreme Court vacancy opened during Obama’s [sic] administration, it is Obama’s [sic] responsibility and right to nominate and appoint a replacement. The Senate has a concurrent right to advise and consent, but its complete failure to schedule an up-or-down vote means it has waived that right. Obama can and should act now.”

This just sounds like a last-ditch effort to get someone on the Supreme Court Bench that is liberal and make sure that Trump can’t appoint a Conservative leaning judge to the bench. Right now there are only eight Justices on the Bench when there should be nine. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the greatest judges of the Constitution, has opened the case for someone to be appointed.

Justice Scalia was one of the best Justices on the Supreme Court. He stuck to what the Constitution said and nothing more. He recognized that the Constitution was the life-source of the United States. And his untimely death means that there was a chance to have a liberal justice for years to come.

Think of it this way. Of the eight Justices that are currently left, some others are getting to the point that they are either going to pass or should retire soon. That means that there are going to be more openings on the bench than just the one that was provided when Scalia passed.

But for right now we need to make sure that there is a Conservative on the bench and not someone that Obama would select. A liberal Supreme Court would be the absolute end of every right that Conservatives hold dear. That Second Amendment of the Constitution that allows you to own a gun? Consider it gone.

That was one of the many fears that Republicans had before the election. Hillary Clinton was set to do whatever she could to make sure that the right to own a gun was never heard from again. And she was going to appoint people that agreed with her very liberal ways.

More Collusion Exposed

More Collusion Exposed

And now this petition, which currently has 56,000 signatures on it and needs to reach 100,000 for the White House to issue a response, is just another way that the liberals are attempting to make sure that the Supreme Court is leaning towards the left.

This petition is just another way that the liberals are attempting to maintain power. Thanks to the election, the Republicans have control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. And the responsibility of choosing a new Supreme Court Justice should fall on President-Elect Donald Trump.

That is why this election was so important. It wasn’t just going to decide the new president of the United States, but it was also going to determine how the Supreme Court rules on court cases for a long time. And Hillary Clinton’s choices for the Supreme Court were scary to say the least.

There were reports that she was going to have President Obama himself act as a Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia once his presidency was over. And considering that Obama is still young, he was going to impact the court for at least 25 years. And since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is nearing the end of her life, Hillary’s other selection was going to be the current Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch.

Of course Obama was going to do anything and everything possible to make sure that the Supreme Court worked in favor of him. That included the fact that Obama threatened another Supreme Court Justice just to make sure that ObamaCare would pass through the courts. Nothing like a little threat to make sure that your law passes without question right Obama?

Share this article to show that there is a petition going around to try and get Obama’s Supreme Court Justice pick to the Supreme Court without having to go through the system of checks and balances that is specifically detailed in the Constitution. It is just another attempt for liberals to retain some form of control in Washington since this election basically destroyed the Democratic Party.

The word needs to get out that this is happening so that when the time comes, Donald Trump can appoint a Conservative to the bench. That would ensure that Republicans have control of Washington for a long time, which is something that this country desperately needs right now.