PUBLISHED: 5:54 PM 27 Nov 2016

Obama To Attend Castro’s Funderal, Revealing Deep Friendship Hidden Until Now




Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator that suppressed the people of Cuba for more than six decades. He was nothing more than scum that deserved to rot in the pits of hell, but some do not see it that way.

Following the news of Castro’s death Saturday morning, many Democrats sent out statements praising Fidel Castro and his years of “service to his people.” Yes, statements like that were actually sent out by elected members of Congress.

In fact, President Obama sent out a statement that offered praise to the Cuban dictator.

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Fidel Castro was one of the most evil humans to walk the earth. He has murdered thousands upon thousands of Cubans that opposed him, jailed millions of people for simply disagreeing with him, and tortured many for not abiding by his “rules.”

This is just another example of President Obama’s weakness as he praises a brutal dictator.

Outside of Trump, Marco Rubio was one of the strongest voices against Castro and slamming Obama for his statements.

“I would hope they would send no one to the funeral,” Rubio said in an interview with Fox News. “While you may want to open up to Cuba, there’s no reason we should be opening up to Fidel Castro’s legacy of anti-Americanism, of murder, of dictatorship, of imprisonment, of exile, which is what his legacy is all about.”

Rubio reminded viewers of Castro’s decision to shoot down two United States private civilian Brothers to the Rescue planes, which were saving Cuban exiles stranded on rafts trying to leave the country.

If Obama sent an American representative to the funeral, Rubio said, he would be honoring a dictator who murdered American citizens.

“One thing is clear: history will not absolve Fidel Castro; it will remember him as an evil, murderous dictator, who inflicted misery and suffering on his own people,” Rubio added.

In an official statement, Trump said “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”

An anonymous source from the White House indicated that President Obama is considering attending Castro’s funeral. The sources argues many of Obama’s closest advisers have urged him not to attend, but Obama wants to make an appearance in order to “keep the relationship with Cuba on good terms.”

Obama is completely oblivious that a vast majority of Cubans are celebrating his death. They are finally going to be able to live without suppression and fear of death.

Like Cubans, the world should be celebrating the death of one of the planet’s most barbaric dictators. Instead, the vile, wicked rulers of this world are in mourning.

If President Obama attends the funeral, it will just serve as another reminder of how lucky we are to have Donald Trump as our next President.

Should Obama attend Fidel Castro’s funeral? If he does attend, what would be your reaction?