Media Silent On Obama

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 16 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 8:05 PM 16 Aug 2018

Obama Sidelined Pentagon Analyst Over Trump Spy Questions

A Pentagon Strategy analyst blew the whistle on cronyism and corruption. What he didn’t know, was that he was complaining about the FBI mole in President Trump’s campaign. Going up against the Clinton machine has harsh consequences.

Adam Lovinger wondered why certain outside contractors were getting paid lavishly for questionable results. It was obvious “cronyism and corruption” to him.

Shortly before the hotly contested 2016 election, a Pentagon analyst with a critical role in national security blew his whistle about what was going on against Trump, The Washington Times reports. Stefan Halper should not have been working for the Pentagon and was being paid a lot more than he was worth. Just recently, Halper was outed as the FBI mole in the Trump campaign.

Adam Lovinger wondered why certain outside contractors were getting paid lavishly for questionable results. It was obvious “cronyism and corruption” to him. As a reward for reporting the waste and improper behavior, his security clearance was canceled and he got exiled to administrative “Siberia.” He currently has four separate pieces of litigation pending.

Compare that with Peter Strzok who kept his security clearance until he lost his job, only days ago. Once again, there are two very separate standards in play. Although not nearly the same, the media and many leftists are blasting President Trump’s decision to remove the security clearance of ex-CIA director Brennan, but were silent about the Obama administration actions.

Apparently, Lovinger was too close to the truth. He also wasn’t a member of the Hillary Clinton fan club, which made him a threat.

One of the Department of Defense contractors who’s work he questioned was the “best friend” of Chelsea Clinton. The other was, at that very same time, coincidentally spying secretly on candidate Donald Trump for Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Lovinger isn’t just an “analyst.” He is a 12-year veteran strategist charged with identifying future threats and finding “ways to defeat them.” In October of 2016, the looming threat developing in his department stood out to him like a neon sign.

He sent an email to his Pentagon supervisors advising about “the moral hazard associated with the Washington Headquarters Services contracting with Stefan Halper.”

He reported that his boss, Obama appointee James Baker, director of the Office of Net Assessment, retained Halper to “conduct foreign relations,” which was totally improper.

That job is special and “should be confined to government officials,” he wrote. In the ethics complaint that Lovinger filed, the contracts are alleged to be the result of “cronyism and corruption.”

He also alerted superiors to “a string of contracts totaling $11 million to D.C. consulting firm Long-Term Strategy Group. It is headed by Jacqueline Newmyer Deal.” Deal describes herself publicly as Chelsea Clinton’s “best friend.”

According to his attorney, Sean Bigley, “as it turns out, one of the two contractors Mr. Lovinger explicitly warned his ONA superiors about misusing in 2016 was none other than Mr. Halper.”

“It was a topic of conversation within the office,” Bigley relates. “What is Halper doing, and why is he being paid astronomically more than others similarly situated?”

According to the attorney, “nobody in the office seemed to know what Halper was doing for his money.” Director Jim Baker “kept Halper’s contracts very close to the vest.” He didn’t even do his own work. “He subcontracted out a good chunk of it to other academics.”

Once the reports came in from his minions, Halper “would compile them all and then collect the balance as his fee as a middleman.” Bigley highlighted to the Times, “That was very unusual.”

Lovinger warned Pentagon officials early on that the overpaid sub-contractors were putting out shoddy reports.

“On the issue of quality, more than once I have heard our contractor studies labeled ‘derivative,’ ‘college-level’ and based heavily on secondary sources. One of our contractor studies was literally cut and pasted from a World Bank report,” Lovinger warned. “Even the font was the same.”

Stefan Halper has ties to Britain’s MI-6 spy agency through his business partner. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, who once worked for MI-6, too.

Various reports in the press have “identified Mr. Halper as a paid FBI confidential human source, whose mission was to make contacts with Trump campaign workers,” the Times writes.

The Daily Caller “documented Mr. Halper’s outreach to George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign volunteer. He also contacted another volunteer, Carter Page.”

The Times notes, according to a government spending tracker, “Mr. Halper was paid $411,000 by Washington Headquarters Services on Sept. 26, 2016, for a contract that ran until this March.”

Lovinger had no inkling of Halper’s assignment to infiltrate the Trump campaign when he alerted his supervisors of the contracting issues. After he voiced his concerns, he assumed they were being considered at higher levels, which takes time.

In reality, they were in limbo going nowhere.

After President Trump won the election, an opportunity opened up and Lovinger applied for it. That’s when it all came crashing down around his ears.

As Mr. Bigley explains, Lovinger “sought an assignment to the Trump White House national security staff in January 2017. He was soon confronted with allegations from Mr. Baker that he failed to follow security rules. Mr. Lovinger denies any wrongdoing.”

Bigley also notes, “Mr. Baker initiated the Lovinger inquiry and picked two investigators who had no training. Based on their report, Ms. Westgate suspended his clearance.” The suspension went into effect May 1, 2017, and he was assigned to “clerical chores.”

Ms. Barbara Westgate is head of the Washington Headquarters Services and another Obama appointee. WHS was the one who awarded the disputed contracts to Halper and Deal.

Because of the obvious conflict of interest, WHS “should be removed from Mr. Lovinger’s appeal process as the final arbiter,” his lawyer argues.

Bigley asserts “the conflict” is that the decision maker is Washington Headquarters Services, “which is the target of Mr. Lovinger’s complaint.”

“The CAF’s entire ‘adjudication’ of this case was orchestrated by corrupt officials at WHS, which was demonstrated numerous times throughout the process,” he added.

A couple months later, in mid-July 2017, Bigley filed a complaint with the senior ethics official at the Pentagon, “charging that Mr. Lovinger’s superiors misused the security clearance process to punish him for complaining about excessive ‘sweetheart’ deals for Mr. Halper and for a ‘best friend’ of Chelsea Clinton.” It is still pending.