PUBLISHED: 9:27 PM 11 Jan 2017

Obama Shared Classified U.S. Plans With Cuba, Trump Set To HAMMER Barack’s Traitorous Act


Trump Will Dismantle This Act

If you have paid attention to foreign relations at all, you will know that Cuba and the United States don’t have a great relationship. That is mostly due to the fact that Cuba is a communist country and the United States is a democracy.

Since the Castro regime in Cuba has refused to even accept the possibility of turning into a democracy, the United States did what they could to stop that. Most notably they had tried a trade embargo, which crippled the Cuban economy. However there are people in the country that don’t seem to understand that Cuba is not our ally.

It makes sense that one of those people would be president Obama. After all, he had a directive in October of 2016 that was asking United States intelligence officials to share information with the government of Cuba. Now the incoming Trump administration wants to change that, and they have support.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to hear the audience at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada February 22, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young - RTX284CF

Trump Wants To End This Information Sharing

A Florida congresswoman, as well as five former United States diplomats, has joined the cause to rescind Obama’s directive. Seriously why did Obama think it would be a good idea to share sensitive information with a government that has been the enemy of the country for decades now?

Obama had issued a 12-page directive in October that was about trade and travel to Cuba, and it contained provisions on intelligence sharing. The 12-page directive has instructed the U.S. director of national intelligence, the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to cooperate and share information on drug trafficking, immigration and counterterrorism.

That makes absolutely no sense at all. Why on earth would the United States want to share information with a nation that has been our enemy for decades? Seriously this is just another directive from Obama that is ultimately going to hurt the country more than help it.

Cuba is a communist nation. That means they are against everything that the United States stands for. So why would someone even think of sharing information that would potentially hurt the country?

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL, sent a letter to Trump that was asking him to stop the intelligence-sharing directives, according to the Miami Herald. She sits on the House Foreign Relations Committee, and said that taking such action was urgent.

“Any intelligence sharing with the Castro regime should cease as soon as the new administration takes power. Sharing information with an avowed enemy of U.S. harms our national security interests because the Cuban regime has an advanced espionage apparatus that sells our intelligence to our adversaries across the world.”

When you consider all of that, it’s a huge mistake to even consider sharing information with this regime. Then again, huge mistakes are not uncommon to the Obama administration. After all, they did come up with ObamaCare.


Obama Is No Stranger To Making Mistakes

The Cuban “dictatorship cannot be trusted with any kind of information and instead has developed strong ties with countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran who want to use Cuba as a launching pad for their spying capabilities against our nation.”

Wow, Obama doing what he can to help a nation that sides with dictators and terrorists. He’s only been doing that for the past eight years! Cuba is a communist nation that wants to end the luxuries of the United States.

Trump and the other people, which includes a congresswoman, want to stop this because of what it means to the people of the country. If Cuba has access to intelligence that was shared with them via the United States, then they can use that information against us.

Of course there are people that are supporting this sharing of information. William M. LeoGrande, a professor of government at American University, has been supportive of this information sharing. He claims that the critics of expanding of cooperation between the two countries have a broader agenda.

“They’re overblowing it because they’re opposed to every aspect of normalizing relations. There’s really no downside to this [sharing]. One has to trust the intelligence community to decide what things are too sensitive to share, and what things are not.”

That is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is no such thing as a “win-win” when you’re dealing with Cuba and other communist nations. Trump needs to dismantle this before any more sensitive information is sent out, or until Cuba isn’t a communist nation anymore.


Trump Will Put An End To This

With this directive, Obama is trying to harm the country. That isn’t anything new, considering that he was releasing criminals from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, claiming that they had changed. Except that these are people that were terrorists looking to hurt the United States. Great decision making there.

The fact that Cuba is collaborating with Iran is something that is scary. Iran is the nation that just received a shipment of uranium that can be enriched to make nuclear bombs. Considering that both Cuba and Iran are enemies of the United States, that is indeed worrisome.

Share this article to show that Trump and his incoming administration are going to cut ties with Cuba unless they can prove that they are not communist anymore. Otherwise this sharing of information is just going to get into the hands of our enemies. Great job Obama.