PUBLISHED: 10:43 PM 3 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 8:56 PM 6 Feb 2017

Obama Sent Check To Rioters While Quietly Leaving Office, $400K To Fight New Administration

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He is happily funding hate groups

Life After Hate is a group with an interesting story. A description on their website says that the organization “was created in 2009 by former members of the American violent far-right extremist movement. Through powerful stories of transformation and unique insight gleaned from decades of experience, we serve to inspire, educate, guide, and counsel.”

Led by Christian Picciolini, they state their mission is “inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves.”

On the exterior, they certainly paint a rosy picture; reformed extremists, haters that are teaching themselves and others to love. It would be a welcome change if it were true.

This is the real Christian Picciolini, and it seems he is still harboring a lot of hate. Like many other liberals, he presents a façade that doesn’t hold up to close examination. They aren’t truly accepting of everyone, they only accept those that agree with them.

Enter Barack Obama, for the last 8 years he has led the charge of hypocrisy. He left office lamer than most, pardoning criminals left and right, and desperately trying to secure some sort of legacy.

Perhaps it was with that goal in mind that he arranged a special gift to Life After Hate.

The Department of Homeland Security cut the check which was given to Life After Hate. If that doesn’t give you pause, read the sentence again. But make no mistake; Obama’s hand directed all this.

The government then quietly delivered the $400,000 to Life After Hate. In a statement issued by Jeh Johnson they tried to explain; “The funding will go for activities that include intervention, developing resilience, challenging the narrative, and building capacity.

In the body of the statement, Life After Hate is listed under the “Managing Interventions” category along with a mayor’s office, a police department, and several other groups. There is no explanation beyond that.

Given the violence of the left since November, the irony of Johnson’s statement that, “In this age of self-radicalization and terrorist-inspired acts of violence, domestic-based efforts to counter violent extremism have become a homeland security imperative,” is not lost. Liberals have become the leaders of self-radicalization and a lot of this money went to supporting those efforts.

In the statement, Johnson actually singles out Life After Hate as “an organization devoted to the rehabilitation of former neo-Nazis and other domestic extremists in this country.”

Johnson and Obama must have been quite happy to give this much money to such an organization. Picciolini devotes a lot of time on his Twitter account to bashing anyone that doesn’t believe that all whites are as racist as he used to be.

He is dedicated to proving that all whites are Nazis, President Trump included of course. He doesn’t want to admit that some people are capable of disagreements without racism even being an issue.

Life After Hate has several programs they run, all supposedly dedicated to peace.

ExitUSA – “helping individuals who wish to disengage from the white power movement and build a more positive life. Founded and run by former hate group members who have led successful lives post-movement, ExitUSA provides support to individuals who are looking to leave racism and violence behind.”

The Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network– “is a unique and powerful global force in the ongoing struggle to tackle violent extremism. Former violent extremists and survivors are empowered to work together to push back extremist narratives and prevent the recruitment of ‘at risk’ youths. It leverages the lessons, experiences and networks of individuals who have dealt first-hand with extremism.”

Formers Anonymous– “is a group of men and women who have identified a shared problem of attachment and addiction to a grossly irresponsible, criminal and/or drug (including alcohol) lifestyle.”

They also run Strong Cities Network and Harmony Through Hockey.

Their website offers books to buy, written by many of their founders and of course a place for donations to their non-profit organization.

Surprisingly, they don’t mention the large and generous grant from the Department of Homeland Security. It would seem like they would want to advertise that they are so highly supported. Perhaps that is something better left unsaid if the check was not for their charity but a payment to support their anti-Trump movements.

Piccilini and his group are just one more example of liberals who have no good arguments left and so must declare that they are hated and oppressed. It is particularly sad to see someone who has a chance to do some good, like Picciolini, turn to more suppression, just under a different name.

These people are not dedicated to protecting America, they are trying to make America a place where you are automatically a criminal if you are not a minority. They have spent decades accusing whites of hatred based on skin color but they do not see any hypocrisy in doing the exact same thing.

Racism is not limited to whites, it is alive and well in people off all skin colors, religions, genders, and sexual preferences. President Donald Trump is less of a racist than Obama ever was. As our President, his policies have sought to level the playing field for one entity, America. He has not said he will protect only white Americans or only male Americans but in fact has made this statement;