PUBLISHED: 11:20 PM 30 Dec 2016

Obama Releasing Confirmed Terrorist Despite Hard Evidence, Literally Saying “He Has Changed”


Obama: The President That Releases Terrorists For No Good Reason

It’s common knowledge that prisons exist for a reason. They are meant to hold people that have broken the law and are unfit to be around the general public. As you would expect, people that commit really heinous crimes are going to be kept in high security prisons.

For example, you’re not going to keep someone that stole $20 from a bank in a maximum-security prison. You are however, going to put people that plan terror attacks and are terrorist group recruiters in those extremely high security prison cells. That is exactly what the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prison cell is for.

It’s meant to hold those people that are connected to terrorist attacks. Several of its inhabitants are people that were behind the 9/11 attacks, as well as other terror attacks that have happened in the United States. That’s why it’s downright infuriating to hear that President Obama wants to release these prisoners.

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Why Do You Want To Release Dangerous People?

President Obama has always been vocal about his desire to see the prison cell close. In fact that has been one of his goals since he because the president of the United States. However the fact that it is hosting dangerous people that have caused harm to the nation is reason enough to keep it open!

Unfortunately Obama doesn’t see it that way. He wants to release everyone that is in the prison. One of the more recent people that he wanted to release was Yemeni terrorist Yassin Qasim Muhammad Ismail Qasim. Outside of the fact that he is in Gitmo for a reason, this is someone that was expected to stay there forever.

He is a terrorist that has family members around the world that are still recruiting for Al-Qaeda. Considering that this is something that his family is doing, there is absolutely reason to believe he will go back to terror actions. That enough is reason to keep him in the prison cell.

Except President Obama is staunchly committed to releasing as many prisoners as possible. His multi-agency Periodic Review Board has already cleared this terrorist for release, despite the fact that the military deemed him too dangerous to release. Is Obama really going against what the military is saying because he wants to have his own agenda accomplished?

The Periodic Review Board had this to say about Qasim. “His responses [during his latest hearing] were thoughtful and showed an effort to realistically consider the future. The Board also noted the detainee’s extensive efforts to take advantage of opportunities in detention to better himself, to include multiple academic and art classes, as well as positive engagement with mental health counselors.”

Oh well in that case we should just release everyone that has done that! All this does is show that Obama is cowering to the disease that is Islam. This is a dangerous person, especially when you look at his record. Hell, even a United States intelligence profile from May of this year noted that he “probably retains extremist views and anti-US sentiment.” So he managed to change his entire outlook on life in six months. Yeah okay, I’ll believe it when I see it.


He Really Comes Up With The Dumbest Reasons To Release People

What makes this worse is the fact that Obama doesn’t even blame the jihadi for these attacks. Instead he blames guns and the Second Amendment. After an attack occurred in California, Obama blamed the lack of gun control laws instead of the terrorists. How in the world does that make any sense?

Blaming weapons for terror attacks instead of the terrorists isn’t going to do anything to help the problem. Especially considering the fact that it doesn’t make sense. Terrorists are going to use whatever they can to inflict damage. Think of the several attacks that used trucks or knives. Did Obama blame those objects? Of course not, but he will always be quick to blame guns.

Not to mention that there is a great chance that this terrorist is going to go back to his activities before his capture. Members of his family are involved with the terror organization, so that already heightens his chances. Then there are the statistics from every other prisoner that is released from Gitmo.

Roughly three out of every 10 Guantanamo detainees that have already been released re-join Islamic terrorist groups. Considering this guys history, and the fact that the United States military didn’t even want him released are proving to be two giant red flags.

Unfortunately this is just more of Obama cowering to Islam. He isn’t going to fight back and will just release the terror and find a way to blame guns in the process. That is what Obama has done for the past eight years, so it’s what he will continue to do for the last month he is the president.

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Obama Blames Guns For Terrorism…

Obama releasing this terrorist is just asking for him to go back to putting the nation into danger. You really think he completely changed his outcome in seven months after being in Gitmo since 2002? I certainly don’t, and anyone who does is foolish. Seriously what is going to change in seven months? Nothing will, and it’s just going to come back to haunt Obama.

Obama has never been a serious proponent of making sure that terrorists are kept out of the public. After all, it turned out that the Department of Homeland Security knew about the Ohio State terrorist months in advance before the attack actually happened. If they knew that it was going to happen, why didn’t they do anything to stop it? Thanks Obama.

However Obama thinks that he has done nothing wrong. In fact he thinks that the country is safer since he took over. Obama claims that there are more jobs, less terrorists and that Americans are freer than ever. How can we be safer if Obama wants to release all the terrorists that are in Gitmo? Again it’s something that just doesn’t make a lick of sense, but it seems that anything Obama touches and does doesn’t make sense.

Share this article to show that Obama is cowering towards Islam by releasing a dangerous terrorist. He and his review board claim that he has been reformed, but that was only seven months after United States intelligence officials said he was still a threat to the nation. Do you really think that his opinion changed in seven months? I sure don’t, and I’m sure that millions of Americans would agree with me.