PUBLISHED: 9:32 PM 10 Jan 2017

Obama Realizes Trump Is Right, Now Building His Own “Border Wall” Around New Family House

Obama To Build His Own Wall

Obama To Build His Own Wall

Obama To Build His Own Wall

Workers are currently building a brick wall around the rental home where the Obama’s plan to live after leaving the White House. The home is valued at over $5 million with 9 beds and 8.5 bathrooms. It has 8,200 square feet and was built in 1928.

Obama’s new digs will also require the one thing he called stupid for a year: a wall. He feels that his Secret Service detail isn’t adequate protection and that a physical barrier must be erected. The soon to be ex-President can’t have just anybody step on his yard. His concerns are well based. He was reported to favor also having a moat, but building restrictions prohibit it. Obama is thought to be considering issuing an Executive Order to get around the local ordinance (that is a joke).

Special concerns surround the Obama’s two dogs, Bo and Sunny, too. The A.K.C. registered Portuguese Water Dogs must be protected from being approached by any undocumented canines. Only a physical wall can offer appropriate security for the pair.

Satire aside, the taxpayers are being spared no expense when it comes to protection for the soon to be former first family. They undoubtedly don’t mind at all, as they are truly deserving of the perks. In the grand scheme of the national deficit, it’s not even a drop in the bucket.

Before leaving office, Obama re-instated lifetime Secret Service Protection for former Presidents and their wives. Children are protected until they’re 16 years of age. The cost for protecting each former president is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars a year. The Secret Service does not provide information on the costs.

Even though the home is in one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Washington D.C., Obama is taking no chances when it comes to protecting his family. Building permits show that in addition to the wall, enhanced electronic monitoring systems are also being installed.

Arizona Wall

Arizona Wall

Permits also include concrete slabs for Secret Service booths and the building of a command post in the garage area. Even though the Obamas will only be staying at the residence for a couple of years, cost is not a concern. They plan to move out after daughter Sasha, graduates from school.

Of course, family members will be under 24-hour Secret Service protection. The highly-armed agents will accompany the former first family on all their daily activities. No word if Obama will ban them from having automatic weapons. Surely the Obama’s deserve more protection than the entire country. They’ll cozy up behind their new wall under the watchful eye of their guardians. What about the rest of us?

While he hides behind his wall with his personal army, illegals flood across our southern border. Everyday citizens are forced to fend for themselves as Border Patrol Agents are helpless against the onslaught. Criminals, drugs, and human trafficking are rampant.

Obama welcomed with open arms hundreds of thousands of unvented Syrian refugees. I wonder how close to his wall they could get if one of them decided to take a stroll in that exclusive neighborhood. My guess is they’d be stopped long before they even reached the block he lives on.

You can bet the Secret Service thoroughly investigated Obama’s soon to be new neighbors, but he has no qualms about dumping a boatload of refugees in middle America. The Guantanamo detainees are being released to their countries of origin, free to come back on those very same boats. Among them is the bomb making mastermind involved in the 9/11 attacks.

This is exactly the mindset of the elitist left. They feel the laws and policies they enact don’t apply to themselves. They’re above having to abide by the same rules as the “common folk.” We don’t deserve the same protections and rights. Their public stance is that we’re all equal. Privately, we’re just dumb sheep that need to be herded. It’s for our own good.

Obama wants to take away our guns. Never mind he’s guarded with an arsenal stocked enough to invade a small country. If we took away his wall, guns, and protection, my guess is he’d move. Those living in the Southwest and in middle America don’t have that option. Yet, there they are, no wall, a refugee invasion, and a conspiracy to take away their guns leaves the average citizen virtually naked against the threats.

Wall Construction on Obama's New Digs

Wall Construction on Obama’s New Digs

Donald Trump understands the situation. A border wall is essential to at least slowing down the flow of immigrants from Mexico. A ban on refugees until a process is in place to insure no Islamic terrorist are among them is essential.  Trump’s stance on guns is well known. He’s backed by the NRA and believes in the second amendment. Police and military personnel are among his biggest supporters.

Those in the trenches will tell you. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, was criticized by the elitist left for going on the airways and telling the citizens of his city to arm themselves, because crime was so bad the police could not protect them.  Sheriff Clarke is a black man and Donald Trump supporter. Nobody knows the trenches better than David Clarke. He has no tolerance for Obama’s failed domestic policies that have caused the decimation of this country’s inner cities.

Clarke knows that cities with strict gun laws, have the highest crime rate. Just look at Chicago and for that matter, Mexico. Both of those places have some of the most restrictive gun laws anywhere. Both are ruled by gangs. Drugs and crime are widespread. Donald Trump has a very simple plan for making our country safer. It doesn’t involve preferential treatment for anybody. This is what worries the left more than anything.

He’ll protect our second amendment rights. Our brave men and women in law enforcement are embattled on all fronts. Most times when they arrive on a scene, there’s nothing left to do but gather evidence and apply the toe tags. They can’t be everywhere at the same time. David Clarke knows this. We must all take responsibility for our own self-defense.

Trump will build a wall on the Mexican border to help dam the tide flooding our border. He’ll strengthen and increase the Border Patrol presence so they’re not out-manned and out-gunned. He’ll stop the saturation of our country by refugees that potentially want to attack us on our own soil.

Donald Trump has the strength and determination to confront the elitist left. They won’t go down quietly. January 20th can’t get here soon enough.