PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 20 Jan 2017

Obama Protects North Korea With Silence As Jong Un Calls For Nuclear War On Trump Inauguration

North Korea has theatened Trump and the USA at least four times since Trump won. Now satilite images show that NK is doing more than threaten.

When Franklin D. Rosevelt gave is famous speech after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he said that the surprise attack from Japan that day marked a day that would live in infamy. While that is true, what is also true is that FDR was warned in advance that an attack upon the USA in Hawaii was likely going to happen. It was even announced in a Japanese newspaper (pictured below) that the attack was going to occur over the weekend. Also, just like our enemies today, Japan at the time of the bombing blamed the US for the provocation, in this case of an economic nature.

Ever since certain now declassified memo’s have shown that FDR was more than warned of the attack, the motives and reasons are as common as whiny social justice warriors, with theories ranging from FDR wanting to get into the war by any pretext possible, to simply being too slow to respond (doubtful). Regardless, history knows that it lead to the worst attack in American history along side the equally nightmarish acts of 9/11. The difference is that Japan was a recognized state, not a rogue batch of sharia nutcases.


Is Obama ignoring a threat on inauguration day ?

Well, it seems at though the record of history is again skipping and repeating in the form of now daily threats of increasing magnitude from the madman in North Korea, Kim Jung Un. It seems that the fat man who starves his own people is angry that Donald Trump had said in response to the advancement of nuclear weapons under Un,”it won’t happen.”

What North Korea fails to acknowledge is that Trump had prior said very little about the backwards nation except to say that threats would stop, mostly. In light of Kim Jung Un openly threatening America and Trump since he won the election, now Trump has taken notice of them, but Trump was not seeking a fight.

Even for a nation that is at least fifty years behind the rest of the major nations of the technological world, North Korea should know that satellite images do exist, even if their satellites are more likely to crash than to observe. Therefore, while Kim Jung Un says that nuclear weapons are being moved to the border in what NK is calling a “nice surprise” for Trump on his inauguration, someone should tell them that it is neither nice nor a surprise since it stood out on US satellites like Rosie O’ in a two yellow two piece.


North Korea celebrates every nuclear test with a threat towards America.

They have two nuclear missiles (no word as to if either is likely to work) sitting, it is being reported, to be a strategic message to “ruin his big day tomorrow.” If Trump is not worried about the female hairy armpit flag burners that have been descending upon Washington like cockroaches, then he is not likely to have his party too dampened and put off by the thoughts of a pudgy tin horn dictator’s opinion in a nation that can hardly keep the lights on.

What is not a laughing or joking matter is what would happen in the event that North Korea should even try to launch just one of them, even if it did not work. That would be a provocation, even the ATTEMPTED launch of nuclear weapon at the USA, which could easily see China and Russia involved when America replied with actions of any kind.

The two missiles are said to have already been boarded on mobile launchers, so if Kim Jung Un were to attack, America would have to reply in some fashion. Nuclear replies to NK would be unlikely due to the fallout that a NK capital strike on Pyongyang would have upon the South Koreans. Still, it could lead to a dreadful war that could pull China in, and at that point it could quickly move downward into a situation where nuclear weapons were then far more likely to be employed.


Obama did not even condemn North Korea for implying that nuclear attack that (while unlikely to reach target) would kill both sides of the Trump debate and Washington DC.

It may be that the “surprise” is that North Korea will again want to flex its muscle with a bomb test to greet the incoming president, something that NK is more than prone towards doing. Just the same, what is NOT being reported ANYWHERE is that there is no word AT ALL from Obama, at least with any news report seen at the time of this writing.

How can a nation threaten to either send bombs to America during the day a power transfer is to occur or to test a weapon of mass destruction (depending upon how the threat is read) and the sitting (lame duck) president doesn’t even utter a quack? Does the left really detest Trump and his voters so much that they would side via silence with North Korea rather than stand up for Trump?


China, who supports North Korean madness, like Obama has said nothing about Kim Jung Un’s threats about Trumps inauguration day.

Un has defiantly said that North Korea will both work to further their economy in spite of sanctions as well as develop nuclear weapons. While many of a non aggression mindset would say that it is their right to do it since Russia, India, the United States, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom have all done so.

The difference is that, even during the coldest days of the Cold War, no one has threatened to use these weapons as often and with as much malice as North Korea has. No nation has the right to threaten another nation, and if it does, than the non aggression and otherwise morally sound mentality no longer is an option. At that point, it is time to talk of defense and of stopping an attack that was promised.

At five nuclear tests, which is the number that most nations have used to really go from testing to understanding such weapons, North Korea has the worlds attention. Most nations had chosen to leave the impoverished nation to suffer as it chooses, but that seems to be no longer an option.

If the goal is to get America to shift policies towards North Korea, the way in which they are going about it isn’t likely to work very well for them. Instead, they may find that what little they have amassed, be it cars from the 1950’s or “state of the art” cassette tapes – both common there – will be taken from them.

This is not something Trump will savor, but something that he WILL do if needed.