Obama Begs No

PUBLISHED: 7:18 PM 21 May 2018

Obama Pleads With Hip Hop Artists Not To Meet With Trump

He is terrified of losing millennial support for democrats.

Jay-Z was a constant guest at the White House. Is Obama worried that he too may see the light?

For the last 20 years, the overplayed genre of hip-hop has changed very little since it ruined the music known as a rap. As those in that scene milk their last remaining 15 minutes of fame, they are still clinging to the race-baiting years of President Obama, a fact that Prison Planet has reported works both ways.

The “rockstar” of the White House, Obama, “has reportedly asked Jay-Z to encourage other hip hop artists not to meet with Donald Trump following the firestorm of publicity over Kanye West.” As he understands that black America is also waking up to how he failed the nation, the former president is groveling at the feet of top 40’s most talentless, trying to remain both relevant and powerful in a world that has moved on. Obama has called several times, begging the rats not to jump ship.

Josh Cornett, a “pro-Trump activist,” posted a tweet that said, “Sources are confirming that former President Barack Obama has called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading with Jay-Z to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.”

Author Paul Joseph Watson wrote that the “tweet has received over 7,600 retweets and over 10,000 likes since being posted.” Even Mr. Trump himself gave the tweet an online like.

This is happening as many of the rappers who were mere teens when Obama began his reign a decade ago are seeing that the ghettos and general life is no different, but worse. An awakening is happening now that President Trump’s policies are proving to really improve life, particularly for blacks, in less than two years.

This is not all about Obama’s giant ego, but rather about “Candace Owens, a vocal African-American Trump supporter.” That may sound odd, but she is really gaining ground and the support from West is working like the wind in her billowing sails.

Reuters has found that democrats “have already lost 9 percent support from millennial registered voters aged between 18 to 34 since the 2016 election,” so the reason for Obama’s begging becomes very clear.

According to poll numbers, fewer and fewer blacks see him as a racist and, as Watson also observed, his name was used in a positive light due to his fortune prior to his run in countless rap track lyrics.

Beyond that, Mr. Trump has a history of knowing rappers, rockers like Gene Simmons of KISS, and even supermodels (such as his wife). President Trump is not the racist groper the liberal media portrays. Thinking people understand that, which is why Obama is horrified.

He would rather keep certain democrat voters ignorant, and thinks he can do that by preventing artists from learning the truth about Trump.