PUBLISHED: 3:59 PM 17 Oct 2016

Obama Now Staying In DC After Election, Hillary Promises Him And Lynch Supreme Court Seats


There Is A Reason That Obama Is Staying In D.C. After The Election

One of the many powers that the United States Constitution gives to the President of the United States is the ability to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. If you are chosen for this honor, then you are appointed FOR LIFE.

There are only two ways that a Justice no longer serves on the bench: death or resigning.

It is considered a great honor to be appointed to the Supreme Court. They are the absolute highest court in the land! Which means that whoever is sitting on the bench has the opportunity to interpret the Constitution to whatever they believe. If the president appoints you, then you have to be cleared by Congress, and if that happens then you are the newest member of the Supreme Court.

That is why appointing a new judge is a big deal. There is already an open spot on the bench due to the unfortunate passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. And there are rumors that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be retiring soon.

Justice Scalia

There Is Already A Vacancy On The Bench Due To The Death Of Justice Scalia, And There Could Be More To Follow

Hillary Clinton has already thought about who would replace the both of them. Her answers? Current President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Yes she really believes that after the HORRIBLE two terms as president, Obama would be a good Supreme Court Justice.

According to some White House sources, Obama has said that the reason he chose to stay in Washington. D.C. after his second term was because Clinton promised him the open chair. Originally he said he was going to move to Hawaii. But this also makes sense on why he isn’t complaining about his own nomination Merrick Garland.

Earlier this year, Obama appointed Garland to the Supreme Court. Congress has yet to approve or disapprove his nomination. They are waiting until the results of the election to do something about this. But now it appears that Clinton already has a plan in place and it involves Obama.

If that were to happen, then every single case that comes before the Supreme Court, Obama would be considering the ultra liberal option. That means an immigration case would have him saying let them in! Every conservative viewpoint would be shot down instantly.


Obama On The Supreme Court Would Be A Complete Disaster

Perhaps the more surprising addition is the fact that Lynch is also being considered. This is despite the fact that she has a worse record at interpreting the Constitution. Sources claim that Clinton has offered Justice Ginsburg’s spot to Lynch and it is doubtful that Lynch will decline the offer.

Yes Lynch is the Attorney General of the United States, but the jump to Supreme Court Justice? That is a tremendous promotion. But it was the timing of when she was promised this job that is worrisome. It was right around the time that Clinton was set to have no charges placed against her for her email scandal.

There was another interesting point about that hearing. Days before the FBI was set to deliver their response, there was a mysterious “unplanned” meeting between Lynch and Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton. They sat on an airplane tarmac for half an hour.

Partners In Crime

They Had An “Unplanned” Meeting Where They Only Talked About Grandkids And Golf. I don’t Buy It

When asked about the meeting, Lynch claimed that they only talked about their grandkids and golf. And yet it was days later that the FBI said that they would be recommending no charges against Clinton. Except sources say that Lynch was promised this job around the EXACT SAME TIME as the meeting and the decision to not charge Clinton!

That is more than just a coincidence. This just further proves that Clinton is as corrupt as they come. And now that these sources have come forward and said that Clinton plans to have these two people on the Supreme Court, it means that every liberal and globalist idea would be passed through in certain cases.

We have already seen that Obama has no desire in following the rules. He attempted to pass an executive order that would have allowed illegal immigrants to suddenly have citizenship. And after the Supreme Court shut it down, he attempted to have them revisit the case. It was shut down yet again.

But this also presents another problem for the Republican Party. Both Lynch and Obama are considerably younger than members of the Supreme Court. They would have at least 25 years on the bench, barring anything that would happen to them. They would have about 25 years to push their liberal ideas on cases brought towards them.


These Two On The Bench Would Be A Complete And Utter Disaster

But this also raises other questions. Notably about the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Conservative Daily Post has covered something from WikiLeaks that had an email chain from the Clinton campaign that talked about the Supreme Court. Just days later, Justice Scalia died. Doesn’t it seem interesting that it happened like that?

As stated before, Obama has attempted to bypass the Supreme Court before. He tried to have an executive order that would make a tremendous amount of illegal immigrants legal. And it fell through twice. The fact that he tried to have these passed would mean that he would do the same thing if he were put on the bench.

Share this article with your friends and family to show that Clinton has already been thinking about whom she would name to the Supreme Court bench. The two choices that she has have helped her stay out of trouble with the FBI and that means that she might be returning the favor. This type of corruption cannot go any further.

This is just another reason to vote for Donald Trump. We need someone who is going to appoint a judge that actually FOLLOWS the Constitution of the United States, and both Clinton and Obama have proven that they don’t.