Obama Admin Lied

PUBLISHED: 7:23 PM 5 Nov 2018

Obama National Intelligence Director, CIA Busted In Massive Lie To Congress

James Clapper assured congress that the enhanced monitoring wouldn’t be used to stop legal whistleblowers, but he knew good and well it was.

The massive corruption in the previous administration is slowly coming to light.

After becoming concerned about the Obama administration’s ‘enhanced monitoring’ of intelligence community workers, Chuck Grassley and Ron Wyden were worried about what the impact would be to whistleblowers and asked James Clapper about it.

James Clapper assured the two that it would only be used to find leakers and insider threats, not stop lawful exposure of illegal government acts.

However, that appears to have been a bold-faced lie.

The Director of National Security in the Obama administration told the two senators that if any protected whistleblowing was intercepted by the new monitoring, it wouldn’t be used to tip off spy agency leaders.

“In the event a protected disclosure from a whistleblower somehow comes to the attention of personnel responsible for monitoring user activity, there is no intention for such disclosure to be reported to agency leadership under an insider threat program,” Clapper promised.

He even carbon-copied Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan on the letter.

However, Grassley is rightly furious now that he has learned that such assurances were not only blatantly false, they came after an incident that proved Obama’s administration was shutting down anyone who would expose their possibly treasonous actions.

Just four months before Clapper penned that letter,” the CIA intercepted one or more whistleblowers’ disclosures, which had been legally submitted and intended to go to Congress through the Intelligence Community’s official whistleblowing office.”

“And the intercepts were briefed to CIA leadership, contrary to Clapper’s assurance.”

Two memos, declassified this past week from the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, exposed the lie.

“On 19 March 2014, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) security notified me that they had conducted an inquiry prompted by routine counterintelligence (CI) monitoring of Government computer systems,” then-Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III wrote in a memo.

“As a result of this inquiry, CIA CI personnel obtained emails between our Executive Director of Whistleblowing & Source Protection and Congressional staff,” the memo added. “Most of these emails concerned pending and developing whistleblower complaints. CIA security compiled a report that includes excerpts of these whistleblower-related communications, and this report was eventually shared with CIA management.”

So, a whistleblower who legally submitted concerns with the expectation of being protected had the communication intercepted and unmasked.

Sensitive oversight communications with Congress were intercepted too, and the information was briefed to CIA leadership, contrary to Clapper’s representations.

Clapper was sent a copy of the McCullough memo, which proves he’s a stinking liar to most people.

Although Clapper might try to argue he was technically accurate because he claimed ‘it was never the intention of the IC to compromise these whistleblowers,’ that doesn’t really hold water.

The Hill reported, “A written report summarizing what was intercepted from the whistleblowers’ efforts to communicate legally with Congress was given to the CIA chiefs of security and counterintelligence. And then the information was briefed orally to Brennan’s deputy and his chief of staff, according to a subsequent March 31, 2014, memo from McCullough.”

So, CIA officials extracted protected whistleblower ‘information from the intercepts, wrote a report and then shared that information with CIA management.’

Grassley is rightly furious, writing, “The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration was reading Congressional staff’s emails about intelligence community whistleblowers raises serious policy concerns as well as potential Constitutional separation-of-powers issues that must be discussed publicly.”

“I have been asking the same question for years: what sources or methods would be jeopardized by the declassification of these notifications? After four and a half years of bureaucratic foot-dragging, led by Directors Brennan and Clapper, we finally have the answer: none.”

“Since the inception of this country, blowing the whistle has played an integral role in maintaining good government. It would be unacceptable and unpatriotic to overlook any action that could dissuade responsible citizens from disclosing waste, fraud and abuse in our government,” Grassley added.

Many people think that Clapper, Brennan, and a whole host of Obama-ites from the previous administration should be behind bars. Tales of their outrageous, and some say treasonous, behavior just keep getting worse.