PUBLISHED: 10:14 PM 18 Jan 2018

BREAKING: Obama Makes Unprecedented 2018 Political Declaration, Leftists Thrilled By Belief

Martin Walsh by

Obama has big plans for this election.

Obama has big plans for this election.

Gearing up for crucial midterm elections in November in both the House of Representatives and Senate, former President Barack Obama is preparing to make a big return to the campaign trail.

During an interview published Tuesday with his spokeswoman Katie Hill, the Chicago Tribune reported that Obama will “continue to be politically active in 2018, with more endorsements and more campaigning.”

Obama’s “big decision” to hit the campaign trail isn’t a huge surprise given he wants to do everything in his power to stop President Donald Trump for undoing even more of his pathetic legacy.

While staying in his $8.1 million residence in Washington, D.C., Obama is reportedly gearing up to join forces with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to help Democrats win in November.

Hill, speaking with direct knowledge of Obamas inner workings, said the former president is prepared to “unleash” a “grassroots” movement to take down Trump by whatever means necessary.

Obama is gearing up to take on the Trump administration in a big way.

The “grassroots” movment Obama referenced is likely antifa, a far-left group who uses mob-like tactics against those who shows support for Trump or conservatives.

In the case that Obama galvanizes antifa members – and there are reportedly tens of thousands of them nationwide – we will see many cases of these militant liberals violently attacking people who support Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda.

Obama is also under intense fire from several government agencies for covering up corruption when he was in office.

As Republicans have ramped up efforts to expose the utterly baseless dossier, reports confirming his FBI used the hit piece to spy on Trump’s campaign, and multiple investigations into Clinton’s “pay-to-play” apparatus at the State Department – we are finally seeing Deep State actors and Obama allies held accountable for their corrupt actions.

All of this will serve as ammunition for Trump and Republicans on the campaign trail this year, but many should be very worried about what the former president has up his sleeve in a last ditch effort to take down Trump.

Source: Independent Journal Review