PUBLISHED: 9:21 PM 8 Nov 2016

Obama Makes Announcement For Election Day, ILLEGALS Can Now VOTE


“Make Illegal Voting Great Again!”

Have you heard about the major new horror movie that just came out?

It’s called “Obama Discusses Immigration and Voting Again!”

Gasp! Horror! Woe!

But it’s true!

In an interview with the Latin-oriented YouTube channel mitu, millennial actress Gina Rodriguez asked Obama:

“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country – are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

Obama responded: “Not true, and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, etc. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”


The Democratic Party is the party for all voters: living, dead, illegal, or nonexistent!

“Did Barack Obama just encourage illegal aliens to vote on Election Day,” Joe Kovacs asks in his World Net Daily article, “promising no repercussions if they do?

“A videotaped interview with the president has some saying yes,” Kovac explains, “sparking outrage among at least one major media figure and commenters on Twitter.”

The president’s answer left Neil Cavuto of the Fox Business Network completely stunned.

“The president isn’t even questioning whether the person who is an illegal is voting, outside of reminding people that if you’re a citizen, you vote. But it’s very clear that the question that is being asked was about illegals voting and afraid that they might be reported to Border Security. You’re illegal. You cannot vote.”

In other words, Cavuto added, “The President of the United States is saying, ‘Don’t worry, no one will be spying on you, catching you’.”

As Kovacs notes, both Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have been opposed to voter ID laws which are designed to make sure only American citizens are able to legally cast a ballot in elections.

Never one to take corruption lying down, last month, Donald Trump claimed the federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to pour into the U.S. so they could vote, as Politico reported.

Art Del Cueto, vice president of the union that represents Border Patrol agents, told Trump that agents have been advised not to deport illegals with criminal records.

“The problem that we’re seeing reflected through us as a voice is that some of these individuals that were apprehended with criminal records, they’re not, they’re checking their records, they see that they have criminal records, but they’re setting them aside because at this point they are saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people who are on the waiting list to hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected,” Del Cueto said.

“Why?” Trump asked.

“So they can go ahead and vote before the election,” Del Cueto responded.

“Big statement, fellas,” Trump said, pointing to reporters. “You’re not going to write it. But they’re letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote.”

According to Politico, Kovacs reports further, Del Cueto said the government wants “to hurry up and fast track them so they can go ahead and vote in the election.”

As the saying goes, “The fish rots from the head down.” When our own President is so loose and apapthetic about our laws and the voting process itself, it’s no surprise to see so much election fraud happening on the grassroots level.


Here’s a similar story, which should shock us, but by now seems all too normal in Obama’s America.


If you’ve been following our coverage here at CDP even for a few weeks, you should be familiar with the bold undercover journalism that James O’Keefe of the Project Veritas Action (PVA) group is doing to expose Democratic voter fraud. The PVA reports show how the Democratic party uses paid agitators and illegal voters on the grassroots level, with approval that reaches all the way to the White House.

Driven by the same in-your-face, fighting spirit that drives Trump, this week O’Keefe has sent an unknown number of “observers” with hidden cameras all over the country to expose fraud at voting stations.


O’Keefe strikes again!


O’Keefe has been rustling liberal feathers for years now, so it’s no surprise many of his fellow citizens expect the crooked FBI (or, “Fully Bought Invetigators”) to stop his perfectly legal efforts to protect the sanctity and transparency of American voting.

We may be halfway through Election Day, but now is no time to let down our guard! Keep your eyes open, put on your red hats and shirts, raise your voice if you see any funny business, and be sure to encourage others to vote for Trump right along with you!

Vote for Trump!

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