PUBLISHED: 12:55 PM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 9:44 PM 27 Jan 2018

JUST IN: ‘Obama Machine’ Orchestrates RINO “Threat,” Memo Block Being Coordinated

Rep. Peter King is citing national security as the reasoning behind his belief in keeping the explosive and controversial memo out of the hands of the public. This is the same Republican that voted against the Tax Cuts so it might be clear that he is not interested in the interests of the People.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is citing national security as the reasoning behind his belief in keeping the explosive and controversial memo out of the hands of the public. This is the same Republican that voted against the Tax Cuts so it might be clear that he is not interested in what is best for the American people.

The deep state and establishment criminals lurking in the government have gotten exactly what they want in distracting attention away from the controversial memo circulating through Congress. The media has been directing attention away from the fiery memo by covering the government shutdown non-stop. Now the deep state is working overtime by forcing establishment Republicans to condemn releasing the memo, citing a national security threat, in order to keep the controversial memo away from the hands of the public.

This memo is the result of months-long investigations and reports done by members of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA). These reports and the work done by Nunes is apparently so explosive that many other Republicans are calling for the release of the memo to the public in order to get them to understand just the level of depth of deception that has taken place. However, Republican in Name Only (RINO) Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is looking to keep the contents of the memo a secret and only cites national security as a concern.

Perhaps this RINO is right in that releasing the memo will be a threat to national security. It could be so explosive that the American people finally realize that their government has been robbing them blind in order to set them up for their own execution. The American people realizing that their government, that was established to protect them, has been compromised to the point where it worked to remove those rights would certainly send the nation into an uproar.

King, Nunes, and DeSantis have all been instrumental in collecting the required information for the memo but King is now trying to keep the memo out of the hands of the public. Just another RINO planted in a key position in order to restrict the ability of Republicans to persecute those who have broken the law.

However, that kind of decision can no longer be made by those who do not hold the interests of the public along with their own. These kinds of deep state and established politicians are not fighting for the interests of the nation or they would clearly see that this information needs to be in the hands of the public. These RINOs are just revealing themselves to be the puppets that they are when they suggest actions that coincide with the interests of the corrupt who are in power.

Many are actually worried that this memo could truly be the evidence that puts many of the criminals who have been abusing the government in the cross-hairs of the justice department. That is why there has been so much effort to direct attention away from this memo and put the government shutdown as the center stage. This memo has to be out in the hands of the people who want to read it and understand just how bad things have gotten at the highest levels of government.

RINOs like Peter King are nothing more than obstacles in the paths of those who are trying to fix the course that the government is on. True patriots like Devin Nunes and others who call for the immediate release are doing their absolute best to fight the beast that has become the deep state. This memo could be so explosive that it could send radicalized liberals into a frenzy as they are already trying to spin the memo as biased and fascist.

Nunes’ personal character has been attacked as of late due to his controversial memo. Democrats and progressives no longer care about debating the actual contents of the memo but are now taking to attacking Nunes himself in a bid to get him to stop his work.

That is another real danger that these Democrats and RINOs are playing with, any action taken against the deep state could be portrayed as fascist. If there are criminal bureaucrats or politicians and the hammer of justice is dropped on them, then their cronies in the media will be working overtime to declare the actions as unprecedented or totalitarian. This is why the game is dangerous as there are radically unhinged individuals out there who will turn to violence if justice is administered.

The memo penned by Nunes is currently being guarded by armed security in a totally sealed government building. Congressmen must go for themselves and physically read the four-page document in order to see the actual corruption that has been taking place and the deep state is terrified of it. Democratic lawmakers are using their powers not to be transparent but to keep the public’s eyes away from the document. It supposedly clearly shows that the Obama administration used the power of the government to try and destroy President Trump.

Republicans are furious that such abuse and corruption has been widespread throughout top levels of the government. It is only a matter of time before the memo is released and those responsible for heinous crimes are held accountable.

This kind of government corruption in unprecedented and it is not yet clear how the nation will react if this memo is released. Only one thing is known at this time and it is that the deep state does not want the memo being released so therefore it must be incredibly damning.