Obama Admin. Exposed In Corruption Scandal

PUBLISHED: 11:37 PM 13 Feb 2018

Obama-Linked Company Exposed For Abusing Taxpayer Funds

Texas coal company lied to Obama Energy Dept. exposed for massive corruption

Another Obama scandal exposed.

A new report reveals a Texas clean coal company that partnered with former President Barack Obama’s Energy Department has been exposed in a $1.7 billion deal that involved alcohol, spas, travel, and other frivolous activities.

The Energy Department’s inspector general published a report Tuesday detailing how the Obama administration in 2010 gave millions to the now-bankrupt Summit Texas Clean Energy, raising serious questions about inappropriately abusing taxpayer funds.

The inspector general said the Obama Energy Department also gave a “potentially unallowable” $1.2 million in lobbying costs and $1.3 million in “questionable or prohibited” travel-related expenses.

The report unearths another major scandal from the Obama administration that has been swept under the rug for years.

The travel-related expenses from the Texas coal company included roughly $650,000 spent on alcohol, spa services, first-class travel, limousine services, and fancy dining meals.

It is against federal law for government departments partnering with companies to charge for lobbying fees.

The IG’s report specifically said the Obama administration was to blame for not implementing “invoice review controls,” meaning it failed to oversee how the coal company was using the millions of taxpayer dollars it was receiving. So much for the Texas Clean Energy Project. 

The coal company was hired to implement their technologies to capture carbon emissions from power plants and study its impact on global warming.

The IG’s report revealed Obama’s Energy Department gave millions of additional dollars to the coal company when they requested it despite never requesting sufficient documentation.

“(The Office of) Fossil Energy had not always exercised sound project and financial management practices in its oversight of the project,” the inspector general said.

The Energy Department cut off all funding for the project in June 2016 after realizing the coal company had duped them for many years.

The IG report reveals that another massive scandal was festering in the Obama administration that the mainstream media never bothered to cover.

Obama gave more than $2 million to a corrupt company that was using taxpayer funds to pay for alcohol, spas, travel, and other frivolous chargers.

Many Americans would agree that he should be held accountable for the many scandals that took place while he was in office.

Source: Washington Examiner