Obama Leaves $12 Billion

PUBLISHED: 7:32 AM 18 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 6:38 PM 18 Mar 2018

Obama Left Taxpayers With $12 Billion Park Maintenance Deficit

Obama deferred maintenance payments, leaving taxpayers with a $12 billion bill for the taxpayers.

Obama left taxpayers a $12 billion deficit from park maintenance.

Former President Barack Obama ran up the National Park’s deferred maintenance deficit to nearly $12 billion before moving forward with three California national monuments, according to Breitbart.

One of Obama’s final orders in office was to pile on to the debt and stick taxpayers with the bill.

In Feb. 2016, Obama designated the Castle Mountains National Monument, Sand to Snow National Monument, and Mojave Trails National Monument to be protected by the government.

Obama exercised executive privilege more than any other president to protect 265 million acres of U.S. land and water during his two terms in office.

But a report from the National Park Service revealed the deferred maintenance deficit for federal and state parks and monuments was $11,927,413,975.

Despite the daunting deficit, Obama piled even more by allocating at least $1,769,798,353 in maintenance to monuments in California.

The Obama administration also approved expensive measures to the National Park Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to remove non-native animals.

The report states there weren’t any projects for the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management that needed to be given hundreds of millions of dollars.

Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke prepared a new report outlining the frivolous spending from that Obama administration and the deficit he left for the American taxpayers.

Zinke also offered President Donald Trump a variety of ideas to shrink some of the 27 national monuments established by former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

Liberal and environmentalist groups have vowed to file lawsuits and litigate the Trump administration if it infringes on Obama’s overbearing actions.

But Zinke’s plan is to undo the executive orders from Obama that were a gross overreach and infringed on state and local rights.

The Trump administration has detailed plans to preserve wildlife and national monuments, and now it will be forced to reduce the deficit Obama left the taxpayers.