Obama Caged Children

PUBLISHED: 5:15 PM 20 Jun 2018

Obama Kept Children In Cages, Heartbreaking Images Revealed

The left is blaming President Trump for pictures taken during Obama's time in office.

The costs of prosecution may be more costly than just sending them back.

At first, the images of children in cages angered the left until they found out that the photos were from Obama’s era, not President Donald Trump‘s. The self-righteous outrage died down overnight when that became known and they focussed instead on Mr. Trump’s detainment procedures, as the Daily Caller has reported. Obama’s detention centers for children are outrageous, children in keel like cages with foil blankets.

Like any other criminal, illegal border crossers arrested and their children are detained while their parents are prosecuted for breaking the law. President Obama prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants, for instance, and also was forced to part families for a bit in the process. Former President George W. Bush had these same issues, but it was Obama’s America that produced the images seen today of kids in cages that he wants no one to see.

These atrocities are being largely hidden from the population as they are lied to by Democrats. In fact, under Trump, the housing situation has been radically altered.

The Caller also wrote that the “Obama administration prosecuted nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants between FY 2010-FY2016. They referred 1/5 of illegals for prosecution, which often resulted in family separations,” a fact lost on many American liberals today.

There are a few things lost in the MSM (on purpose) and these facts could really shed some much-needed light on the truth. For one thing, many of the children are today being housed in what can almost be called efficiency apartments in appearance. No, Mr. Trump likely does not have this standard for all 12,000 kids, but he is a builder, not a magician.

Secondly, he has a lot more of these nicer accommodations than his predecessors did. In a few of these earlier photos, small children had only a foil blanket as a bed on a concrete floor. That is no longer the norm, if it still happens at all.

Photos show that under America’s last leader, children were sleeping under bland white tables connected to a wall in droves. Fencing and caging are seen in many of the images, people are sleeping on floors with nothing but a thin mat, and others are handcuffed as if in prison.

A video (seen below) has shown that this has changed under President Donald Trump, at least for many of those now in the system.

No, it is not likely that anyone reading this would want to live in such a place for very long, but to suggest that things are not improving under America’s current leadership is to simply not tell the truth. Things are improving, by leaps and bounds, as a matter of fact.

One thing that would certainly help aid in the process of bettering the situation would be for fewer families to enter the U.S. without applying to do so. A desire by someone to enter America does not give them right to do so any more than an American wanting to be in Canada is, as if by magic, allowed to be in Canada announced.

There is likely no nation on the globe that would allow such whims to exist in relation to border law.

So, with a very clear problem at hand, Donald Trump is at least giving those in detainment a place to sleep that isn’t beneath a table and on the floor.

Just don’t wait for the liberal MSM to tell anyone about it.

Warning; These images are terrible.

This was not the doing of Mr. Trump. Sorry, snowflakes and SJW’s.

…also, not the work of Mr. Trump (nor his administration).

This was how the rooms for those detained used to look.


Where the fury of this in 2014 when the photo was taken?