PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM 3 Jan 2017

Obama: I’m Not Going Anywhere On Jan 20th, Trump Needs To Learn His Place In Politics

How can we take anything he says seriously?

How can we take anything he says seriously?

How can we take anything he says seriously?

Before you read this article, I want you to tell me what has been Obama’s greatest accomplishment. If you are like me, you quickly realize that Obama has accomplished absolutely nothing; unless you consider destroying America as a accomplishment.

Barack Obama indicated that he plans to stay very active when he leaves office. Obama argued that he could teach Trump several things and that Trump would be a much better president if he listens to the advice he [Obama] offers.

Obama said he plans to speak out when he believes Donald Trump is not acting in accordance to the Constitution and disobeys the American people.

As much as I wish I could tell you this is a joke, it isn’t. Obama actually made these comments as well as several others as it pertains to Trump in the White House.

During an interview, Obama stated: “I’m not sticking around by the virtue of the Constitution and because I believe in the wisdom that George Washington showed that at a certain point you make room for new voices and fresh legs.”

He went on to say, “Now that doesn’t mean that if a year from now or year and a half from now or two years from now there is an issue of such a moment–such import that isn’t just a debate about a particular tax bill or a particular policy but it goes to some foundational issues about our democracy I might just weigh in. I’m still a citizen. And that carries with it duties and obligations.”

Obama concluded his interview by indicating that he will go down as a great president and that he plans to spend some time shining a spotlight on all the great work that’s been done so that he can craft future Democratic leaders to carry out the same actions he did.

Americans think Barack Obama is the nation’s worst leader since the last World War. A third of Americans singled-out Obama as their least favorite president since 1945, in Quinnipiac University’s latest presidential poll.

Since 1979 and the acquiescence of the transfer of Iran to religious zealots with world-enders, I didn’t think it was possible for an American president to be ranked below Jimmy Carter on the competence list.

But now we have Obama, with double the years that Carter had to more than double the wreckage of the Carter era. Obama has solidified his place in history as the worst president in American history, and he should be offering advice to no one.

Do you think President Trump will need to take any advice from Obama on how to run the country?

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