Obama To Remake America

PUBLISHED: 6:38 PM 21 Oct 2019

Obama Hosting Fundraiser At Soros Home To Destroy Constitutional Republic With ‘Redistricting’

Barack Obama has a plan to eliminate the conservative voice in America by ‘diluting’ it through redistricting measures, and he plans to collect money tonight to make it happen.

This has been in the works since Trump was elected, many people argue because democrats can't afford to have the full measure of their crimes exposed.

The push to eliminate conservative voices in America continues full steam ahead. Barack Obama will host a fundraiser this evening at the home of Alex Soros to raise money for his “redistricting” efforts across the United States.

If you aren’t familiar with what that means and the threat it poses to your freedom… it basically means changing all the district maps in the United States, so that conservative ‘rural’ areas (which are generally less receptive to democrat promises and fabrications), will have their districts ‘diluted’ with progressive voters.

This can happen a couple of ways. First, liberals can relocated to areas where the conservative majority is slim. Also, district lines can be redrawn so that small portions of large cities (with large amounts of welfare-dependent slave-voters already exist) are added to rural areas surrounding them, essentially diluting the conservative vote.

This is the most serious threat to the future of the Republic that exists today, many people argue, because the changes made tomorrow will overwhelmingly impact elections. And, if you think the socialist policies that brought Venezuela to the brink of starvation will not happen here… this redistricting plan will ENSURE that it does.

Breitbart News reported:

Former President Barack Obama will headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) at Alex Soros’s New York City home on Monday evening, according to Politico Playbook.

Also expected to attend the NDRC event are the group’s founder and chairman, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former Virginia governor and CNN contributor Terry McAuliffe.

Founded in 2016, the NDRC is a super PAC aimed at positioning Democrats favorably in the round of redistricting after the 2020 census.

Earlier this year, Obama’s political advocacy group, Organizing for Action (OFA), folded itself into Holder’s group and launched a campaign called “All On The Line” aimed at promoting redistricting reform.

In August, the group unveiled another initiative, Redistricting U, that saw activists provide free training and tools to volunteers involved in redistricting efforts and guide groups on how to “be leaders in the movement for fair maps.”

“Training is at the heart of organizing. It’s why I’ve always made it a priority – from my 2008 campaign until now,” Obama wrote in a tweet announcing the effort, which is part of the “All On The Line” campaign.

Training is at the heart of organizing. It’s why I’ve always made it a priority – from my 2008 campaign until now. And it’s why I’m proud to announce @allontheline’s in-person training initiative, Redistricting U. Join us: https://t.co/yrWJ50wSdE pic.twitter.com/HiKvGd2XyE

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 26, 2019

“The movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade,” the former president added. “And we can’t wait to begin organizing when the redistricting process starts in 2021. We need to build this movement from the ground up – right now.”

Before leaving the White House, Obama stated that he would make redistricting efforts a top priority in his post-White House career.

“Restoring fairness to our democracy by advocating for fairer, more inclusive district maps around the country is a priority for President Obama,” Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement at the time.

Wrong. “Fairness” is the buzzword being used to deceive and delude, while the media carefully ignores these efforts and focuses on the immediate goal of ousting the most effective president the country has had in decades.