PUBLISHED: 10:22 PM 3 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 6:10 PM 4 Feb 2017

Obama Hid Huge Crisis With Japan, Only Now Revealed…6 Years To Fix It Or Face Grave Danger


Obama did not properly test the food, warn the major cities of the West Coast, and both downplayed and hid the deadly reality.

When Dr. Chris Busby said that the Fukushima disaster was the worst disaster in the history of mankind, he was not being an alarmist or otherwise exaggerating. The disaster of March 11, 2011, saw no less than four nuclear reactors either meltdown (where toxic nuclear fuel turns molten and unapproachable by man or machine), melt through (where molten fuel drools out of the containment vessel poisoning the land), and melt out’s (where the core of the reactor explodes out into the world, in this case, as far away as Tokyo).

Some of the temperatures erroneously achieved reached numbers hotter than the surface of the sun, something that still leaves a radiation so thick and poisonous that even robots can not operate in the location that needs to be tended to and closed off….for 4.5 billion years. Mankind has no machine or a technology – nor any in the works – that address how to clean up and seal up the area. Fukushima just sits like a small neutron star on the coast of Japan spewing radiation into the ocean, the drinking water, and the air. Wildlife like birds carry the radiation from the plant to the city on their wings, as do insects. They die and/or get into the food supply and remain radioactive and deadly within people forever once inside their bodies. There is no known way to remove such small isotopes from the body.


Life ending thyroid cancers have grown in both Japan and America since Fukushima.

Sadly, after recent storms and other factors, the radiation spewing out of the plant is now worse than it has been at any time since the crisis first happened. Readings of 530 sieverts have been recorded, which in layman’s terms is enough to kill a man over 100 times. One sievert will sicken a man, 5 will kill half of all men in a months time, and 10 will kill said man in a week. Even a small “safe” dose will raise one’s risk of cancer tenfold or more. There is no safe dosage of radiation, with questions even arising about cell phones, much less nuclear fuel, which is of a deadlier form and lifespan.

Even those readings are small compared to the OVER TWO TRILLION becquerels that were also recorded at the plant, with a becquerel being one microscopic nuclear explosion per second in the body, each single one being enough to mutate a cell to cancer state. This is alarming because TEPCO (which is GE NOT bringing good things to life) has found holes in pipes that suggest that the toxic fuel may have eaten through them. Once, or if it has already done so, the water supply for not only Japan but much of the world will be forever tainted.  This happened after the bomb testing in America where the whole of human DNA was forever altered for the worse and made less unstable. Fukushima is many, many times worse than any bomb test ever done.


Food that is too radioactive to be eaten in most of the world is fed to Americans thanks to Obama, nuclear power, and GE/TEPCO.

Cancers in Japan and the West Coast of the United States has skyrocketed since the Fukushima disaster, particularly thyroid based cancers and among children. Mushrooms (which soak up radiation like a sponge), milk (that deadly strontium 90 clings to like glue), and cheese have found to have been contaminated. To what degree is hard to tell because Obama shut off the testing of food after the disaster at the behest of the bottom line. Obama also allowed the amount of radiation in food to reach levels that mimic the Mad Max movie and are so high that no other nation allows anything even close. That is why it is ok to sell tuna and sushi with tumors on it for food consumption.  Absolutely every single tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean was found to have been irradiated, and since even one spec too small to see of such radionuclides can kill, is any amount safe?


This is the food that is allowed into America to be eaten. Americans eat this every day.

Now that we have a sane president in the White House who wants to cut subsidies for business’ that do not produce, life may be good for those that know the need to see nuclear power erased from practice and shuttered forever. Subsidies exist because nuke plants cost way too much to even insure, being the sitting bombs that they are. The headlines have said that Trump is trying to save nuclear power by making it safe, but since that is not possible and the only reason that they exist is because government funds them, they may be on their last legs. Trump has happily taken down the ridiculous “climate change” jetsom from the White House (dot gov) website and as the nation moves to clean coal and safer oil drilling methods, the needs for risky nuclear power should dwindle, with any luck. Imagine if Trump had to do what Obama should have and, while not forcing an evacuation, did the right thing and warned those on Americas West Coast that it is deadly to remain. If a reactor unitl falls in Japan, which is likely, that is what he will be facing. Alex Jones and Busby have called it a possible life extinction event.


Former Japanese PM Abe ate Fukushima rice every day and sushi/fish from the area often to prove that it safe. Abe is fighting cancer today.

Even if the global warming crowd was correct, there are doctors such as Helen Caldicott who is nothing short of a raging leftist opposed to nuclear. She thinks that missiles are shaped like men’s members and that it is why men like warfare, she thinks that man is warming the planet, and she is all but unlistenable when it comes to whining about Donald Trump. What would such a Green Party card carrying member have to say about how nuclear power plants “save” the environment? Well this doctor who is no friend of patriotism or nationalism (therefore we are not quoting someone who is biased to the right….she openly hates the right) says in a book called “Nuclear is Not The Answer” that

  • The real costs of nuclear power are prohibitive (and taxpayers pick up most of them)
  • There’s not enough uranium in the world to sustain long-term nuclear power
  • Potential for a catastrophic accident or terrorist attack far outweighs any benefits

…AND THAT IT LEADS TO GLOBAL WARMING! That is right lefties, if your planet is warming, nuke plants make it worse.


Even FAR FAR left thinkers who blames man for warming the planet are against nuclear power and what it brings. Dr. Helen Caldicott -a lifelong leftist and anti-nuclear activist- has condemned Obama and his handling of the Fukushima nightmare.

Now that Trump as at the wheel, he seems to be a man that respects states rights. Shuttering nuclear power plants will be easier on a state level, though still very hard. Trump will not allow the planet to be poisoned with the kinds of “routine releases” from power plants that lead to “routine cancers” as we keep hearing about. If Trump is going to let states lead, then we can NOT blame the president for not demanding that they be shut down. It is the job of the federal government to not fund these monsters, but it is the role each citizen to say when enough is enough. Trump can lead us mules to water but he can not make us drink.

If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium, the surrounding cells receive a very, very high dose. Most die within that area, because it’s an alpha emitter. The cells on the periphery remain viable. They mutate, and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later, that person develops cancer. Now, that’s true for radioactive iodine, that goes to the thyroid; cesium-137, that goes to the brain and muscles; strontium-90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and leukemia ~Dr. Helen Caldicott, pediatrician.

Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil a cup of water” ~Dr. Albert Einstein