PUBLISHED: 9:28 PM 16 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 9:31 PM 16 Mar 2017

Obama Hid $77B Across Gov. Agencies, Protected Climate Change Money To Elude Budget Cuts


In order to keep the global warming lobby and scammers happy, Obama hid their funding in just about everything.

When Democrats show us the high percentage of scientists who buy into the global warming myth, they do this without saying that their funding depends on them agreeing with those that fund them. Peer reviewing means nothing when the reviewers are all on the dole, and finding obvious errors means no more funding. After all, if our leaders really wanted to get rid of gas, coal and fossils fuels almost overnight, they would do something different. This includes publishing graphic pictures of 10 to 15% of cases where people die of lung cancer every day who did not ever smoke cigarettes. Since they don’t sell the idea based upon provable science, then it is a lie used to keep taxes very high.

Now that things like Climategate, NASA and NOAH caught lying, and even the wise Lord Monckton have alerted everyone to the farce, it is harder than ever for people like Obama to continue funding it. The former President knew that a responsible administration would stop the wasteful spending. To get around that, Obama hid it in almost every area, making it near impossible to find, even for a room of Trump lawyers. Undoing the mandates with a broad brush could crash other clauses in other bills, thus manipulating the law to keep milking money from the population for nothing.


The amount of money wasted and that was planned (before Trump) to be squandered on the falsehood of global warming is money that must not be allowed to keep funding the lie.

Some people will remember that Congressmen used to call such additions “Christmas Tree’s,” because they were always appearing in places where they don’t belong just to hide money. An example includes funding to save a nearly extinct moose would be hidden away in a bill to fund NASA. This is one way that politicians steal away all kinds of pork and “free” money that those reading these words pay for. Since the people don’t ensure that bills are read by everyone before they are signed, this is the abuse that we get for not being diligent.

Bloomberg showed why people distrust the government more than ever after Obama’s reign. They wrote, “There is no single list of those programs or their cost, because President Barack Obama sought to integrate climate programs into everything the federal government did.” He was forcing ALL agencies to tackle the “problem” of climate change by making “those programs hard to disentangle.” Bills and laws are commonly written in much legal banter to shield them from lawsuits, and makes them very hard to alter.


A lot of money all over the world can be used with money raised under the guise of climate change.

In the same way that the government has worked to normalize homosexuality, “Much of the effort in the Obama administration was to mainstream climate change,” said Jesse Keenan. He worked on climate matters at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and is a Harvard teacher. He has said all agencies were forced to bring elements of the climate lie into their policies. The thought must have been that if a lie is told often enough, it becomes the truth in the minds of those who keep hearing it.

This is wonderful news to everyone who is sick and tired of paying for every auto transaction in fees, gasoline taxes at the pump and paying higher prices on everything due to those pump prices. If Donald Trump were to win re-election in 2020, his plan that exposes the hoax and defunds it would save $100 BILLION in eight years. It seems that calling a “hoax” what it is, saves a LOT of money. Let everyone ruminate on the fact that this one prudent action on his part will win him MILLIONS of re-election votes. They will come from truck drivers, cabbies and everyone sick of getting destroyed at fuel up time for a lie.


Trump exposes the hoax in this factual tweet.

It is also reported that “18 agencies had climate-related activities, and calculated $77 billion in spending from fiscal 2008 through 2013 alone,” according to the  Congressional Research Service.  It is very interesting to note how those on the left were always warning us about the lies of our government all the way up to around the 1980’s. Then they became Big Brother’s fan club presidents. Now they preach that we should trust those who are paid to lie to us and that pay grant money (aka taxpayer money) to scientists to mislead us, too. That is why the raw data for the warming lie is hidden under lock and key. It’s also why they only calculate from time periods that would show the same warming as if man was never here.

This last bit of knowledge we can tell just by the fact that is has been both warmer and colder over many epochs of time that long predate the Model T or anything like it. The sun and the planet fluxing would be the same temperature with the same quirks as we see now, according to all data found in geology, archeology and most realms of science.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a sign supporting coal during a rally at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 10, 2016. / AFP / DOMINICK REUTER (Photo credit should read DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images)

The president is showing that our energy needs should be being met by Americans, not yoked to a global warming facade.

Burdening Trump as he tries to cancel this waste is the fact that Obama purposefully did not put the name “warming” or “climate” in the names of many “Christmas Trees” found within bills and programs. That means that the $77 billion is likely low from the real horror of the corruption. “Given the relationship that existed with Congress on the issue of climate change, you will not readily find many programs that are entitled ‘climate change,” confessed Alice Hill. She was the director for resilience policy on Obama’s National Security Council.

As the swamp drains, this may be the first time that anyone has really read these bills in total. They are so vast that lawyers and Trump team members hired to do it likely are all but dying of boredom from tedious, meandering words. Still, to root out the waste of the climate change hoax is worth that and more. This is especially true, considering that climate gas taxes cost California 11 cents per gallon alone. A fifty-gallon tank pays $5.50 at that rate, all for something no more real than the boogeyman. For that reason, keep digging Mr. President, and keep draining.