Obama Plan Exposed

PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 11 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 3:14 AM 12 Oct 2018

Obama Had ‘Secret’ Plan Ready In Case Trump Lost

According to Rhodes, a political crisis was expected if Trump ‘lost’ the election.

Obama's signature socialist program for healthcare has been ruled unconstitutional.

During the 2016 Presidential election, Democratic fears of now-President Donald Trump motivated outgoing President Barack Obama and his senior staff to develop a “secret plan” in the event that Hillary Clinton won what some characterized as a “rigged” election.

At the debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, moderator Chris Wallace specifically asked both candidates if they would accept the outcome of the election.

Trump’s response was, “I will look at it at the time. I will keep you in suspense.”

The seemingly tame response sent Hillary and the left into a rage.

Hillary characterized his answer as “denigrating,” stating that Trump was “talking down our democracy.” Of course, most people understand that although Clinton wasn’t corrected for her error in labeling the United States a “democracy,” it is a Republic, which is entirely different.

Both candidates had already stated that they would, in fact, accept the election results during the first debate in New York where Trump plainly declared, “if she wins, I will absolutely support her,” and Clinton acknowledged she would respect the results as well, adding, “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

In what appeared to many as an effort to portray Donald Trump as dangerous, the media was driven to revisit the topic in Las Vegas.

Trump’s humorous answer was then coupled with his claims of dirty tricks by the Democrats and rushed out by left-leaning outlets through breathless headlines warning voters that Trump refused to say if he’d accept the results.

CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post all produced frightening content warning of the danger.

The Post referred to candidate Trump as “defiant” and said, “he might consider the results illegitimate because the process is rigged.” The New York Times said Trump “sputtered” as Clinton accused him of being a Russian puppet and called his answer concerning the election results a, “remarkable statement that seemed to cast doubt on American democracy.”

Not to be outdone, CNN seized on the answer, calling it, “a stunning moment that has never been seen in the weeks before a modern presidential election. The stance threatens to cast doubt on one of the fundamental principles of American politics.”

Driven by the leftist media which many consider to be controlled by the Democrat Party, Obama’s top aides felt they needed a plan.

After Trump made it clear he felt the election could be rigged, his answer spurred the Obama team to develop a plot to discredit him and create ‘the illusion’ of a fair election.

Obama’s speechwriter and senior aide Ben Rhodes and communications director Jen Psaki have since let slip some the plot’s details.

The team hoped to enlist some Republican lawmakers, former presidents, and former Republican cabinet members such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. They wanted to have this group on call to trot out in front of the cameras and lecture the American people on how their own government works and have them validate the election results.

The group planned to use U.S. intelligence agencies to claim that any Russian interference during the campaigns helped Trump and targeted Clinton.

Jen Psaki defended the plot, acknowledging Obama was “divisive,” and worried that for some Americans, “just having him say the election was legitimate was not going to be enough.”

Thus, knowing many Americans did not trust Obama, Hillary, or the media, the Obama team felt they might need to enhance their credibility by snagging some Republicans to back them up.

Donald Trump won the election “bigly” with 76 more Electoral College votes than Clinton, with 30 out of the 50 United States choosing him to be the President.

The Obama plan to thwart any challenges was shelved, as it would not be needed to placate any Americans who harbored suspicions that the Democrats had rigged the Presidential election, just as many claimed they did in their own primary to ensure Clinton would be their nominee.

Since her stunning loss, Clinton has occasionally resurfaced to crow about her popular vote totals and to blame her loss on everything from sexism to Russia.

Rather than accept the results in a dignified manner, she seems to have decided to try and undermine the election’s validity herself.

Perhaps the Obama squad should dust off their secret plan and hand it over to the President for the sake of our Republic.