Obama Takes Credit

PUBLISHED: 8:12 AM 8 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:08 PM 9 Sep 2018

Obama Goes To Public University, Takes Credit For Trump Economy And Demands Voters Act

Barack Obama showed that not only was he willing to blame President Bush for all his problems, but he was willing to take credit for Donald Trump's economy.

Obama went to a public university in order to take credit for Trump's economic successes and to claim that voters needed to vote against the man who brought them that success.

Former President Barack Obama has repeatedly taken opportunities to make political statements after leaving office, breaking with a tradition that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, among other presidents, generally held to. In his statements on Friday, given in front of University of Illinois students, Obama, who spent eight years blaming Bush for every problem he could, decided to take aim at President Donald Trump instead.

The former president took the opportunity of his speech at the publicly-funded University of Illinois, to trash President Trump on the economy, and to ignorantly tell students that it was important that people voted because “our democracy” is somehow at stake. The former president also mocked President Trump’s economic “miracle” and asked listeners to remember that the increased started while he was in office, a claim that many people consider laughable.

It’s almost as if Obama doesn’t realize that none of this happened until he left office, or that it was the undoing of Obama’s regulations and Paris agreement that helped kick the economy into high gear. He also seems to have conveniently forgotten about his rant, ‘those jobs just aren’t going to come back… does Trump have a magic wand?’

The magic wand was deals with companies that have brought their business back to the US.

Former President Obama began by complaining that Donald Trump was somehow taking credit for his economy.

He mentioned that by the time he left office, household income was near all-time highs, and the uninsured rate had hit an all-time low.

He also said that wages were rising and poverty rates were falling.

A number of experts understand that the uninsured rate hit an all-time low because if people dared to not get insurance, under Obamacare they would be fined, in some cases heavily.

While wages were ‘rising,’ many economists know it was mostly done artificially, by state and local laws that wanted to force businesses to adhere to a $15 minimum wage. This caused some businesses to close shop, and others to cut down on hiring, especially in cities on the west coast.

What Obama also failed to mention is that when he left office, employment issues were rampant, and that he presided over some of the worst rates for minority employment in American history.

Not just happy to give himself credit for an economy that, under his leadership, showcased one of the slowest recoveries from a recession in American history, but is now roaring, he continued on.

Obama pointed out that those kinds of numbers occurred in 2015 and 2016, which just happen to be the same years that republicans managed to wrest a majority in the Senate from his democrat allies. Those were also the years where the left constantly complained about ‘obstruction’ on Capitol Hill.

Perhaps Obama thought that his listeners were too lazy or stupid to look at the facts?

Incidentally, it’s not just President Trump and republicans who are attributing the growth to the new president.

CNBC, for example, called the American economy under the republican president a “tremendous achievement,” for him, and pointed out that during his administration thus far, the economy has achieved things that most experts believed were impossible.

The news agency lauded President Trump’s GDP growth, which is generally above 3% (and unlike Obama’s doesn’t seem to continuously be revised downwards), as well as the unemployment rate, which has reached near 50-year lows.

Obama made his claims the same day that the August labor report came out, which showed the unemployment rate held steadily at 3.9%, and wages grew by 2.9%, according to a report from the Department of Labor.

Both President Donald J. Trump and republicans have been quick to point out how well the economy is doing, and to credit him for it.

Barack Obama also claimed that Americans needed to vote, and that American ‘democracy’ depended on it.

It seems sad to many people that a man who was in charge of the nation doesn’t understand the basic principles of it. The United States has never been, nor is now, a democracy. It is a representative republic.

He claimed that “just a glance” at recent headlines shows that the upcoming midterm election is different, and that the “stakes are higher.”

He also said that the consequences of standing on the sidelines in the upcoming election are far more dire than ever before, echoing the same rhetoric that he espoused while he was in office.

He also criticized President Donald Trump for ‘capitalizing’ on resentments between different Americans, though he said that he was a symptom of a larger problem, and not the cause of the problem.

Obama said that he came out to give his political speech, and is preparing to launch on a political tour to push various democrat candidates around the country, because this is a “pivotal” moment in American history, where the citizens need to stand up and decide “what we stand for.”

To many people, his speech, and his claims, simply sound like sour grapes from a man who had what he stood for, and what his party stood for, rejected in favor of a man who was mocked as someone who ‘would never be President.’

America already decided what it stood for, and it wasn’t another four years of Obama-style politics under Hillary Clinton, or an economy dragged down by leftist politics.

America chose President Trump, and to make America great again while putting people back to work. In exchange, they got a roaring economy and the second-lowest African-American unemployment numbers in history.