PUBLISHED: 5:36 PM 23 Nov 2016

Obama FURIOUS After Trump Announces What He Is Removing On DAY ONE Of Office

Obama Wasted Thousands of Hours on TPP - It Will be Undone in One Day

Obama Wasted Thousands of Hours on TPP - It Will be Undone in One Day

Obama Wasted Thousands of Hours on TPP – It Will be Undone in One Day

President-Elect Trump has wasted no time in laying out his plans for office. His ambitious schedule includes a list of executive actions to be taken on his very first day in office. The list is a real scorcher for D.C. fat cats who were comfortable with the status quo.

The very first item makes it clear that President Obama’s ill-fated trade agreement known as TPP will not be passed, in any form. Trump states: “On trade, I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership, a potential disaster for our country. Instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores.”

Trump continued to list actions he would take on energy, regulation, national security, immigration, and ethics reform. Taken together, these Executive Orders could drain a trillion dollars worth of dirty money from the D.C. swamp on his very first day in town.

It’s no surprise then, that the mainstream media and its corporate enablers have been furiously trying to discredit Trump, after their attempts at delivering the election to Hillary blew up in their faces.

Trump’s “America First” platform is designed to bring great benefits to the middle class working people of the country. Those who have been getting rich on lobbying, pay-for-play, and other political schemes, are finding themselves updating their CVs and getting back on LinkedIn. They are not happy.

Nobody is more upset than President Obama. When people in the future reflect on Obama’s time in office, what will come to mind? His legacy was supposed to be a few grand, sweeping pieces of legislation that would change the face of the nation forever.

That legacy is now in danger of being a collection of bad memories marked by ISIS attacks, Black Lives Matter riots and College Tantrums. “Safe spaces” and “trigger words” are more likely to survive in the new meme-driven lexicon for longer than “Affordable Care Act” will. That’s gotta hurt a guy who has always seen himself as a sort of messianic figure.

After fumbling around with national security and foreign relations for a while, Obama seemed to grow bored with that, and turned his efforts inward (leaving the Middle East ablaze). He sought to make his mark with some signature legislation that would bear his name. What the American people got was the monstrosity known as Obamacare.

The ACA had all the makings of a boondoggle from day one. Top-heavy administration, slow progress, outrageous contractor fees, failed technology. Large, reputable insurers – the ones who were supposed to make the whole thing work – have been abandoning the program all year. After the premiums began to soar for the middle class, former cheerleaders for the plan started coming out against it

Since it became clear that Obamacare, or the ACA, was doomed to unpopularity, Barack Obama shifted gears and went for a mulligan with the TPP. It was to be a tremendous all-encompassing trade pact that would bind America irrevocably to a set of terms dictated by a secretive body of international elites.

The only problem is that Obama and his team were never able to articulate to the American voter what they stood to gain from the passage of TPP. Critics framed it as NAFTA on steroids, and the negative connotation stuck.

Bernie Sanders’ popularity was based in large part on his opposition to the TPP, and a growing consensus of Democrat voters had decided they were against it. Even Hillary Clinton started to distance herself from the agreement during her campaign, after previously calling it the “gold standard” in trade agreements.

The TPP amounted to nearly six thousand pages of secretive, unintelligible legalese, drafted by and for some of the top names in Multinational Conglomerates. Monsanto, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs – they were all invited to the party. The American voters’ invitations must have been lost in the mail.

So after all the time and money spent drafting and then promoting this massive stinker of a trade deal, after all of the carbon credits used to fly all over the globe giving speeches and attending meetings, it is much to Obama’s chagrin that the deal will end up on the bonfire of bad ideas.

Obama Watching His Dreams Go Up in Smoke With Trump Lighting the Match

Obama Watching His Dreams Go Up in Smoke With Trump Lighting the Match

President-Elect Trump has vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare as one of his most urgent priorities. With this new announcement, it’s clear he will cut the TPP off at the knees as well. These two important actions are exactly what his voters wanted of him.

Obama hoped to do an end-run around due process, around the voter and the congress, by using his executive pen to get his way. What he’s about to find out is that it cuts both ways. What he brought into law with the pen, will be wiped away by the same pen in Trump’s hands.

It must be a bitter taste of defeat to know that your two major pieces of legislation, that took thousands of hours to craft, have been deemed so awful by the American people that they will be ripped up and thrown in the garbage on day one of the new regime.

The Democrats are likely to be so dejected after these defeats that they will either wave the white flag and offer more cooperation with President Trump, or they will go the other way and demonstrate poor sportsmanship.

Let’s hope they get the message loud and clear from President Trump’s bold first-day actions. Any legislation that doesn’t benefit the American people in a tangible way, will be dead on arrival. For every new regulation that is introduced, two old regulations must be scrapped. Attempts to pass sneaky globalist giveaways will only lead to gridlock and veto.

Speaker Paul Ryan Will be a Powerful Ally to Trump, or a Powerful Foe

Speaker Paul Ryan Will be a Powerful Ally to Trump, or a Powerful Foe

It will be up to the Republican-controlled House and Senate to stand firm behind Trump’s proposals and not supplicate to Democrats like they have in the past. It’s likely that President-Elect Trump is having closed-door talks with Speaker Paul Ryan, ensuring he is on the same page before his speakership is blessed.

If Ryan can be brought under the spell of Trump’s grandiose vision for America, the two could be a powerful team.

It would be tragic for this Nation if Ryan continues to break for the establishment GOP, it could be a long four years on Capitol Hill.