Bribes From Federal Government

PUBLISHED: 11:18 PM 28 Feb 2018

Obama-Era Program Pays Cities To Ignore Crime By Black Citizens

They give the police departments federal funds for their cooperation.

Obama kept crime numbers down by not doing his job or allowing anyone else to.

Rush Limbaugh, though a bit too haughty in his delivery for some radio fans, has always been one of the best minds in the medium when it comes to explaining the rather complex. This, he did as he exposed the “Promise Program” given to the U.S. by former president Barrack Obama.

As the host lays out in great detail on his site, the “premise of the PROMISE Program is federal grants.” Limbaugh reminds his listeners that this happened under Obama along with his sidekick, Eric “gun runner” Holder. The capital for the scheme came from the Department of Justice. The whole thing began with Robert Runcie, “the current superintendent in Broward County,” and grew from there.

Since Democrats feel that too many blacks are behind bars (choosing to see their color in place of their crimes, regardless of race), Obama and Holderbelieve[d] that bigotry and racism is resulting in charges and convictions against innocent minority perps.”

This program “promised money to local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain crimes, mostly misdemeanors,” though many were far more severe in nature in Chicago, Illinois.

The trouble is, it seems that Obama and crew had no problem busting the average white guy for such crimes. This alone shows that both races were being busted for the same crimes, which undermines their whole argument! Still, to get the agenda pushed, federal money was given to areas that did not arrest people.

While this may be common sense when applied to pot laws, minor drinking infractions, etc, it became quite dangerous when applied to what many would call “real” crime.

At issue here is that people like Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooter, often were not punished for crimes and allowed to fly “under the radar.” When a great number of crimes are committed, even though they are small and need not be life-ruining, having some kind of record of them is more helpful than not. Many in Broward County will likely agree.

As the “promise” unfolded, arrests went down, the crime numbers went down, and Obama looked as if he had just put to rest a crime wave when the stats came out. The problem was that he was paying law enforcement to look the other way in order to achieve these numbers.

David Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee, has said the last administration’s policies have “screwed up” the nation.

Obama failed to understand this during his time in office and now, sadly, everyone is paying for his “promise.

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