PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 22 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:47 PM 22 Jan 2018

BREAKING: Obama DOJ Bombshell, FOIA Lawsuit Reveals Multimillion Dollar Campaign To “Replace The Government”

Martin Walsh by

Obama funded chaos in the Middle East.

Obama funded chaos in the Middle East.

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from the American Center for Law and Justice revealed that former President Barack Obama’s administration led a multimillion-dollar campaign to “replace the government” in Israel.

The bombshell lawsuit detailed how Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ son, Yasser Mahmoud Abbas, and a senior official in the anti-Israel group OneVoice received millions of dollars from the U.S. State Department.

The funds from the Obama administration were explicitly supposed to be used to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and replace Israel’s entire government.

Between 2013 and 2014, the State Department began issuing grants to OneVoice totaling more than $350,000. That was four times the size of the average grant the State Department allowed for foreign entities.

In the memo below, the FOIA memo clearly shows the Obama administration was plotting to have a terrorist-connected offshoot take out the Israeli government.

Here’s the memo.

The FOIA documents plainly state that the Obama administration was aware of OneVoice’s alliance with terrorist groups in the region and their intention to use them to overthrow the Israeli government.

This strongly reads like the Obama administration was funding a secret operation to “take out” Netanyahu and allow the terrorist-supporting Palestinians to take over Israel.

Using American taxpayer dollars from Obama’s State Department, OneVoice played a major role in launching “a multimillion-dollar grassroots campaign” with one objective: “replace the government of Israel.”

Making matters even worse, the Obama administration gave taxpayer money to a terrorist-affiliated organization to remove a duly elected leader of the only free democracy in the Middle East.

Obama knew exactly what he was doing.

The ACLJ said they tried to get these documents for years, but had to fight the battle in court because Obama’s State Department actively sought to conceal these explosive reports.

Federal documents clearly show the Obama administration gave a terrorist-affiliated group millions of dollars from American taxpayers to literally replace the government in Israel and remove Netanyahu.

Why is this not being plastered across the media? Because Obama’s Deep State acts of corruption and anti-Israel agenda have been swept under the rug for years.

But with Trump in office, these swamp creatures are finally starting to be exposed.

Source: American Center for Law and Justice