Obama Ad Fury

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 27 Feb 2020
UPDATED: 4:35 PM 27 Feb 2020

Obama Demands TV Stations Remove Biden Ad Using His Voice

The advertisement uses Obama’s own words and voice to emphasize and remind voters that Joe Biden is a democrat of long-standing who supported segregation.

A painful remainder to dems that Biden fought against desegregation. (Source: Committee To Defend The President YouTube Screenshot)

Lawyers for Barack Obama sent a letter to a GOP aligned super PAC yesterday, demanding that they pull an ad that features his voice, attacking Joe Biden. The elitist individuals also demanded that television stations in South Carolina stop playing the political ad before the primary.

The reason? Obama’s lawyers say the information is designed to “mislead viewers” and is taken out of context.

Using Obama’s voice reading his book “Dreams of My Father,” the advertisement emphasizes the fact that Joe Biden is a democrat from the decades when that political party furiously fought Civil Rights and desegregation efforts.

The New York Post reported:

“This despicable ad is straight out of the Republican disinformation playbook, and it’s clearly designed to suppress turnout among minority voters in South Carolina by taking President Obama’s voice out of context and twisting his words to mislead viewers,” Obama’s communication director Katie Hill said in a statement.

“In the interest of truth in advertising, we are calling on TV stations to take this ad down and stop playing into the hands of bad actors who seek to sow division and confusion among the electorate.”

The ad, which is part of the PAC’s $250,000 ad buy in South Carolina opposing Biden ahead of the Democratic primary, uses excerpts from Obama’s 1995 memoir, “Dreams of My Father,” out of context to make the remarks appear to be about Biden.

The 30-second spot begins with a narrator saying, “Joe Biden promised to help our community. It was a lie. Here’s President Obama.”

Andrew Bates, a Biden campaign spokesman, told The Post in response to the ad, “Donald Trump and his allies are absolutely terrified that Joe Biden will defeat him in November. Trump even got himself impeached by trying to force another country to lie about the Vice President — who’s now the only candidate to have proven he can overcome Trump’s trademark, craven smears.

“This latest intervention in the Democratic primary is one of the most desperate yet, a despicable torrent of misinformation by the president’s lackeys. It spotlights yet again what we’ve all known for a very long time: Joe Biden will win this battle for the soul of our nation.”

[That seems highly laughable given the poor numbers Biden has generated in comparison to the overwhelming and incredible support President Trump garners for his rallies and policies.]

Committee to Defend the President Chairman Ted Harvey defended the group’s advertising in a statement Wednesday to the Washington Post.

“It took President Trump to lower black unemployment and create jobs for the African-American community, in addition to passing criminal justice reform. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is simply giving lip-service for votes. That’s the point President Obama made in his book, and we have every right to use his own words — in his own voice — in the political forum.”

Watch the video below (while it remains):