Obama CIA Secret

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 5 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 6:38 PM 5 Nov 2018

Obama CIA Let Dozens Be Killed, Covered Up Flawed System Warning

Intelligence was alerted in 2008, but the man responsible for the alarm was fired, and then over the next five years, dozens of people were slaughtered while the Obama administration covered it up.

According to various reports, the Obama administration was actively trying to plant 'people who would appear to collude with Russia' in Trump's campaign.

In a groundbreaking report, 11 former intelligence and government officials have confirmed that the Obama CIA was responsible for letting dozens of American spies be slaughtered.

The spies were murdered in Iran and China after deliberately using a flawed Google communications app, but the “catastrophic” secret event was covered up.

Defense contractor John Reidy, whose job it was to hire human sources for the CIA in Iran, warned the intelligence community in 2008 that the system was flawed and easy to hack. But, he was fired for “conflicts of interests.”

Between 2009 and 2013, the US Central Intelligence Agency suffered a “catastrophic” secret communications failure in a website used by officers and their field agents, according to a report in Yahoo News.

“We’re still dealing with the fallout,” a former national security official stated. “Dozens of people around the world were killed because of this.”

The communications platform was first “used in the Middle East to communicate with soldiers in war zones and had not been intended for widespread use but due to its ease of use and efficacy, it was adopted by agents despite its lack of sophistication, the sources claimed.”

Iran discovered its existence and was able to use Google as a search tool to find secret CIA websites.

“By 2011, Iran had infiltrated the CIA spy network and in May it announced that they had broken up a 30-strong ring of American spies.”

Some informants were executed and others imprisoned.

ABC news barely reported it at the time, just mentioning that a compromised communications system had led to the slaughter.

“Meanwhile in China 30 agents working for the US were executed by the government after compromising the spy network using a similar means. Beijing had managed to break into a second temporary communications system,  splintered from the initial platform and were able to see every single agent the CIA had placed in the country.”

“The sources said that it the general consensus was that that Iran and China had traded technical information with each other to form a two-pronged attack.”

“A CIA agent in Russia who was warned about the attacks were able to change communication channels before anyone was uncovered.”

In Reidy’s official statement in 2008, he explained that 70 percent of operations at the time may have been compromised already and that any agents were in danger.

“The design and maintenance of the system is flawed,” he said.

The fact that the Obama administration allowed this to happen has many people wondering if it was deliberately coordinated with Google.

Why else would such a warning be ignored? Are American lives so cheap to democrats?

The mainstream media has barely mentioned this major event, so who knows if citizens will ever learn the truth.