PUBLISHED: 7:48 PM 11 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 8:50 PM 11 Dec 2017

Obama Campaigners In Full Panic As $4 MILLION Sunk Into Crucial Alabama Race

Candidate Doug Jones has millions being spent on his behalf, will it work?

Candidate Doug Jones has millions being spent on his behalf, will it work?

Democrats are desperate to win the Senate race in Alabama. The panicked liberals need to win Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat but they also need to beat Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Imagine the message if a man currently being accused of sexual harassment, albeit by accusers who frequently get discredited, won over the Democratic candidate Doug Jones?

Highway 31 is an independent group being used to disguise the actions of a D.C.-based consulting firm. The group is run by three former Obama staffers and exists purely to defame Moore in the special election race.

Formed on November 6, they have already spent more than $4 million in just over a month.

Last week the group managed to spend $468,000 for a one-day media attack on the conservative candidate. The massive amount of money being thrown at this campaign comes from in-kind donations from the above-mentioned firm and other unknown donors.

Friday’s funds came from Waterfront Strategies owned by GMMB Consulting which was founded and is currently run by former Obama employee Jim Margolis.

The other two firms who have thrown money at this campaign are online advertising firm Bully Pulpit Interactive, founded and run by former Obama campaign staffer Andrew Bleeker, and Putnam Partners, founded and run by former staffer Mark Putnam.

With all the money pouring in, Highway 31 is spending it just as fast. Between November 6 to December 8, the average per day spending was $106,850. Election day is Tuesday and most of the current polls still show Judge Moore leading.

Last week, the Moore campaign sent a “cease and desist” letter to all the TV stations airing one of Highway 31’s ads. The letter states;

“Specifically, the ad entitled “Shopping Mall,” which began airing on or around November 28, 2017, begins with the misleading question, “What do people who know Roy Moore say?” Although the ad shows five quotations, only one of the people quoted — Teresa Jones, a coworker from 40 years ago — stated that they knew Roy Moore. And even what Jones claimed was nothing but a figment of the rumor mill. The truth is that the people quoted in the ad were alleging hearsay and third-hand gossip and do not “know Roy Moore” at all.”

As the votes are tallied tomorrow, Democrats will be holding their breath. This is truly a must-win for them and the results of failing could signal big changes for the Party.

Source: Breitbart