PUBLISHED: 11:01 PM 5 Dec 2016

Obama Calls China, Apologizes For Any “Confusion” With Trump’s Call To Taiwan

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Barack Hussein Obama will undoubtedly go down as one of the weakest presidents to ever hold office in the United States.

Last week, Donald Trump received a phone call from Taiwan, a nation China does not ally with, to speak about future negotiations with the United States.

China did not like this, but Donald Trump point blank told China that the United States will speak to whoever, whenever they they choose to. This is an example of strength and toughness, something that has been missing for eight years under President Obama.

Immediately after Trump’s statement to China, it was reported that Obama went behind Trump’s back and called China to apologize.

Weak Obama makes deals with the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in Iran, yet Trump accepts a phone call from Taiwan and now Liberals are trying to argue Trump did something wrong.

 The United States doesn’t need permission from anyone to do anything. We will no longer operate under weak leadership when Donald Trump takes office on January 20th.

What do you think about Obama secretly calling China to apologize for hurting their feelings?