Warren Loses Laptops

PUBLISHED: 12:13 AM 8 Feb 2018

Obama “Bureau” Delivers Millions To Supporters, No Oversight, Now Laptops Gone

Who knows how many are gone with sensitive information?

Obama exposed again for more corruption.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau‘s Inspector General has issued a scathing report indicating that the agency is at risk because of unaccounted-for-laptops, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, being a top suspect.

Former President Barack Obama worked closely with Warren to establish the CFPB, which raises serious questions about why the Inspector General has determined the Obama administration likely lost millions of dollars worth of devices.

The CFPB is tasked with overseeing consumer protection in the financial sector, and Warren has been a top name affiliated with the group since its inception in 2011.

In a recently released OIG report, it was revealed that an “early alert memorandum” was sent out in June 2016 calling on all of its members to return their devices amid credible security threats to the agency and documents stored on those devices.

The report also found that the CFPB building will cost $99 million to renovate and upgrade, nearly twice the typical amount a government agency typically has in its budget.

It also sheds light on how the previous administration set-up shops in a non-functioning building and left the agency financially depleted to handle the goals they were tasked with accomplishing.

Numerous reports suggesting poor computer management processes also illuminated how the Obama-created agency is one of top ten most expensive office buildings in Washington.

But more importantly, why have Warren and other Obama holdovers failed to return their devices despite the first request being sent out nearly two years ago?

So, Obama created an expensive building that cannot financially support its basic needs, set up the ‘bureau’ to pay for his campaign with taxpayer dollars, and now an internal probe reveals Warren and others are refusing to hand over their government-issued laptops and devices.

Did Warren lose her laptop containing secret, private information?

Amid her refusal to comply with federal law, many would agree Warren should be held accountable for her actions.

Source: The Gateway Pundit