PUBLISHED: 9:24 PM 10 Jan 2017

Obama Approves Punishment On Putin For “Hacking” Election, Pushing For War Before Trump Enters

With his pen and phone, he continues to destroy this country!


If Obama Keeps This Up, It Will Undoubtedly Lead To War

If you have been paying attention to what Barack Hussein Obama has been doing the past couple months, you will have undoubtedly heard something about Russia and election hacking. Despite the fact that Russia has repeatedly said they were not involved in the hacks, the Democrats continue to insist they were.

So President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, decided to place sanctions on the country despite the fact that he doesn’t have any evidence Russia was involved in the hacking. This is Obama we are talking about however, and he is one to never focus on facts.

The worst part is that the sanctions continue to pile up, as the outgoing administration has just blacklisted five more Russians, one of which was a senior law enforcement official close to President Vladimir Putin. So it seems that Obama is going to continue pushing buttons to launch us into WWIII.

The economic sanctions are related to a 2012 U.S. law punishing Russian human rights violators. As a result of those sanctions, Americans are no longer allowed to do business with them and any assets these Russians might have had in he U.S. are now frozen.

So Obama is just NOW going to sanction these five people? Seriously this is going on five years without punishment and you decide to punish them now? It’s obvious that these sanctions were brought on because of what Obama and the Democrats believe. They continue to say that Russia was involved in the hacking of the election.


Obama Continues To Place Blame On Russia

Again, this is more symbolic considering that these came three days after U.S. intelligence agencies allegedly connected Putin to the hacking of Democratic accounts. Despite what Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims, which is that Russia ISN’T the source, lawmakers have backed the intelligence report findings and have demanded strict action.

Trump will be allowed to repeal these sanctions when he takes office in ten days. Hopefully he will because both Trump and Putin have expressed interest in trying to repair a relationship between the two superpowers. Obama’s continued pressing of sanctions and accusations have done nothing to ease the tension.

The most prominent person that was targeted by these sanctions is Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s main investigative agency. The sanctions were about Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky’s death in prison back in 2009.

Again, these are just more sanctions that the Obama administration has placed on Russia. Back in late December, he expelled 35 Russian diplomats and even shut down two Russian retreats that the U.S. said were used for intelligence purposes.


This Is What Obama Is Pushing Us Towards

These constant sanctions are starting to wear down the Russians as well. Speaking about the intelligence report that was released and supposedly connects Russia to the hacks, “They are amateurish and are hardly worthy of the high professional standards of top intelligence agencies. We categorically rule out the possibility that Russian officials or official bodies could have been involved. We are tired of such accusations. This is beginning to remind us of a full-fledged witch hunt.”

Speaking of that report, it accused Russia of hacking into the email accounts of both Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, as well as the Democratic National Committee. It explicitly tied Putin to the hackings, saying they were the “boldest effort yet” to influence a U.S. election.

However the report didn’t offer details about how the U.S. learned what it claims to know. They didn’t mention any intercepted conversations or electronic messages from Russian leaders. They also didn’t say anything about specific hacker techniques or even any digital tools that they might have used.

In other words, they have nothing. There was no proof offered. Now I’m not a lawyer by any means, but I know you have to have proof of something before you just start accusing people of crimes. Seriously all it is going to do is enrage the people that you are accusing.


Where Is The Proof Obama?

Russia is there already, as evidence by the fact they literally said they were getting tired of it. All it is going to do is lead the United States into WWIII and possibly the end of the world. Obama and the rest of the Democrats need to keep their mouth shut before Putin has enough of it. Hopefully he can last the ten days until Trump takes office.

Unfortunately this anti-Russia sentiment has hit the lawmakers of the land already. Senator Lindsay Graham, a notorious anti-Trump Republican, has said that you are not a true patriot if you don’t want to punish Russia. Again, what are we going to punish them for when we can’t even prove that they were apart of it?

If constantly saying that Russia hacked the election wasn’t enough, Obama actually sent troops to the Russian border. Yeah Obama, sending troops over in addition to the sanctions that were placed is really going to ease the tensions between the U.S. and Russia. All you’re doing is leading us into WAR.

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