Obama Allies Attack Trump

PUBLISHED: 9:01 PM 28 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 9:01 PM 28 Feb 2018

Obama Allies Launch Group To Attack President Trump

A group of former Obama officials launched a group to challenge Trump's foreign policy.

Obama allies plotting against Trump.

The architect of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and a top adviser to Hillary Clinton formed a group to oppose the ‘reckless’ policies of President Donald Trump.

Former Barack Obama Administration National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, and longtime Hillary Clinton ally, Jake Sullivan, have partnered together to oppose Trump’s foreign policy agenda.

Rhodes was the architect of the disastrous Iran Deal that allowed the terrorist-supporting regime to get billions of dollars in cash and the ability to accelerate their nuclear program. He also leads the National Security Action.

He also played a big role in crafting U.S. policy in Syria and Libya, which led to the Benghazi terrorist attack and the Islamic State terrorist group rising to prominence.

Sullivan also has a disturbing background in foreign policy, where he was deeply connected to Clinton when she was leading the State Department between 2009-2012.

He helped craft Clinton’s statement after the terrorist attack that left four Americans killed. In Clinton’s statement, they blamed the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video and not radical Islamic terrorists.

Sullivan was exposed by Judicial Watch in recent years for emailing classified information about the locations of American officials in Benghazi, which was likely hacked by our enemies leading up to the attack.

He was also involved in the nuclear deal negotiations alongside Obama and Rhodes.

Both Rhodes and Sullivan have a long history of creating unnecessary conflicts in other nations as well as appeasing terrorist-supporting regimes.

Despite this obvious ploy for attention, the American people see Trump’s foreign policy approach has already been wildly successful in his first year in office.

The Islamic State terrorist group — which Obama and Clinton allowed to strengthen for years — has been almost completely eradicated.

Our allies respect us and our enemies fear us again now that Obama and his cronies are out of office.

If anyone is a threat to American prestige and safety, it’s the Obama bros who gave us the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and tried to cover-up the Benghazi terror attack.

Source: Daily Caller