Obama: Clinton 'Corrupt'

PUBLISHED: 9:31 PM 31 May 2018

Obama Aide Describes Former President As Self-Absorbed Narcissist, Clinton Comment Shocks

Obama was certain that the DNC would win in 2016, and seemed despondent when they didn't.

According to one of his top aides, the former president knew that Hillary Clinton was corrupt. It's interesting, then, to note his spirited defense of her and her ties during the campaign season.

Going into the 2016 election, democrats were sure that they were going to win another term in the White House. After all, every ‘poll’ told them precisely the same thing, and the greatest prognosticators agreed that 2016 would finally be Hillary Clinton’s year.

When she lost, it turns out that even then-President Barack Obama had to admit that Clinton was part of the ‘corrupt’ deep state. After all, he ran a campaign saying that same thing about her 8 years prior, and won. It should be of little surprise, then, that one of his most trusted aides wrote a memoir that basically shows Obama as a self-obsessed narcissist, who thinks he’s responsible for America’s booming economy.

It all really raises the question about how deluded, exactly, the man who ran this country for eight years really was. Obama should be careful saying such things about Clinton, though.

These claims were made in a memoir to be published next week, written by one of President Obama’s former aides, Ben Rhodes.

Rhodes, who served in the Obama administration as the Deputy National Security Advisor, had almost no background in National Security, having only ever worked as a writing assistant for the Iraq Study Group and the 9-11 Commission. Still, he spent eight years under the previous president, mostly writing speeches and ‘offering advice.’

According to those who have seen Rhodes’ memoirs, currently titled ‘The World As It Is,’ the book brings to light interesting information on the inner workings of the man who served as president from 2009 to 2017.

It also contains a number of shocking claims. For example, in the book, he claims that neither he nor the president knew that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was spying on the Donald Trump campaign.

Of course, that’s hard to believe. Further, why would the author ever know about security concerns like that? It’s still strange (and unexplained) how he got enough power to demand that ‘unmasking’ of people tracked by the National Security Agency during the run-up to the 2016 election.

Rhodes was not a national security expert; he was a guy with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science and a Masters of Fine Arts in ‘Creative Writing.’ His expertise was writing, not policy, despite the absurd amount of influence he seemed to have on complex policy decisions.

According to his memoirs, Obama tried to release the still unproven claim of ‘Russian interference’ in the 2016 presidential election a month before the vote, perhaps hoping media allies would suggest that the interference was on President Trump’s behalf (which they did when he later made similar claims).

However, the former Commander-in-Chief wanted republicans in the legislature to sign on to his ‘authorized statement’ about alleged ‘Russian interference.’ Mitch McConnell, in a surprising move, absolutely refused to go along and write a concurring statement on the issue.

Obama feared that if he simply released a unilateral statement on ‘outside interference,’ or Russian tampering with the election, it would undermine Hillary Clinton, who had strong ties to Russia.

After all, it was then-Secretary of State Clinton who oversaw the Russian ‘reset,’ and who even actively lobbied for it.

It was also the former SecState who allowed the Uranium One deal to pass through, even while she and her husband were profiting handsomely from the wealth of individuals with strong connections to the Russian government.

Perhaps most interesting of all, Obama didn’t fear that showing obvious and open favoritism toward candidate Clinton would undermine her chances of losing at all. He just was worried that ‘when’ she won, Donald Trump would say that the election was manipulated.

In a direct quote, the former president said that “if I speak out more, he’ll just say it’s rigged.”

The memoir also pointed out that Donald J. Trump and his campaign ran on essentially the same platform and message that the Obama campaign used eight years prior to trounce her in the primaries.

Both campaigns had simply pointed out that Hillary Clinton was corrupt, and part of the corrupt establishment, and that because of this, she couldn’t be trusted by the American people.

Rhodes’ memoir also mentioned how disheartened Barack Obama was after he saw Donald Trump’s campaign win.

He described the former Chicago politician and self-proclaimed ‘constitutional lawyer’ as being ‘heavily shaken’ at the thought of being replaced by one of the people who had questioned whether or not his Hawaiian birth certificate was legitimate or not.

He also quoted Obama as saying that “sometimes I wonder if I was 10 or 20 years too early.”

Perhaps most hilariously, Rhodes recalled that his boss thought that he had the economy “set up” for President Trump.

The Obama economy showcased some of the slowest growth from a recession in American history. It is hard to credit him for any of the economic growth that has occurred since, especially as his administration was famously anti-business and did everything it could to add more cost to running a business.

His polices destroyed the economy, and unemployment was horrible.

According to the memoir, the last president also reached out to Canadian Prime Minister (and generally incompetent leader) Justin Trudeau, and asked him to take a more vocal role on the world stage pushing their shared brand of progressive and socialist politics.

The book showed that not only did former President Obama believe that Hillary Clinton was corrupt, but that it seems like he knew that the American people thought her to be a corrupt and shrewd political manipulator.

It will be interesting to see what other revealing tidbits are contained in the tome written by the man who ‘advised’ the former Commander-in-Chief despite having literally no qualifications to do so. For that, however, the American people will need to wait one more week.