Rejected Refugees On Way To U.S.

PUBLISHED: 11:08 AM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 9:00 PM 27 Jan 2018

Obama Agreed To Take Rejected Australian Refugees, Trump Will Subject Them To “Extreme Vetting”

Obama agreed to take the worst of the bunch, but the president isn’t giving in so easily.

This is a bad deal that got dumped in President Trump's lap.

In the last months of the Obama presidency, the prior administration agreed to take up to 1,200 “refugees” currently residing in detention camps in Australia. Most of the people claiming to be “refugees” are not, they are men of fighting age who jumped on boats to Australia to leech off the welfare and social safety nets set up by Australia.

Upon hearing of the deal President Trump posted on Twitter, “Do you believe it? The Obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal.”

Tuesday 40 “refugees” left one of the camps and are bound for resettlement in the United States. That brings the total to 67 so far that have left the camps and are being resettled in the United States with another 148 who have already been granted approval and will be brought in in the near future.

President Trump is highly critical of “refugee” resettlement and has previously made the argument these people should be helped in their countries or neighboring regions not brought into ours.

For the cost to settle one of these migrants in the United States several could be settled in or around their homelands.

These migrants statistically do not support themselves once in the United States and present a significant drain on the tax base and burden to the welfare system.

These migrants jumped on boats from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and headed to Australia. The Australian government intercepted them and refused to resettle any in their own country, instead placing them in camps on small neighboring islands.

The camps on Manus Island and Nauru are home to over 2,000 of these migrants. Inside the camps, the migrants live in filth and violent crime is rampant. Although resources are provided for adequate hygiene the migrants continue to live in squalor and destroy the resources provided.

The camps are turned into a reflection of the societies and countries they fled from because they are completely made up of people from those societies.

The society created within these camps is completely dysfunctional. The tents are riddled with cockroaches generally unkempt, litter is everywhere although there are places to properly dispose of refuge. Rape is commonplace in these camps.

The women and children are routinely abused by men in the camp, the majority of which are Muslims of fighting age. It has been reported that women are afraid to use the showers and won’t go to restrooms at night because of the dangers.

The camps conditions are very poor and those living within them have done nothing but make them worse.

The United Nations has condemned Australia for the conditions the migrants are living in. A petition has been filed by the Global Legal Action Network describing the Australia treatment of them as “harrow practices of the Australian state and corporations.” The petition calls for an investigation into “crimes against humanity committed by individuals and corporate actors.”

The people of Australia are not in favor of taking in these refugees and allowing them to live in their country.

Both prominent political parties in the nation reject the idea the migrants have a right to be there and consume the country’s limited welfare, burdening the people of Australia who did not ask nor vote for them to be there. The country continues to bear the cost of thousands of Syrian “refugees” who they allowed in who have yet to become productive as a population in their country.

Although the vast majority of the population in the camps are Muslim, no Muslim countries are willing to allow them into their nations.

It is only western nations which have accepted refugees and it is primarily western nations they seek to settle in. Australia, most countries in Europe, and the United States are the primary target of the massive “refugee” invasion.

These regions are all now suffering higher crime brought in by the influx as their welfare systems and social safety nets deteriorate under the strain of supporting migrants.

The total number of refugees from Australia President Trump will accept into the country will certainly be less than the 1,200 refugees the Obama administration agreed to take in.

Taking in the refugees Australia has rejected could have dire consequences beyond the inevitable fiscal burden they will present, which will last long after they have arrived.